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>There is only one perfect system: The one which reverses the usual
>"My handicap is too low and the other people's handicaps are too high
> - without any exception"....

Ah, sandbagging?

(ducks and runs)


Thomas Prufer

P.S. Words from a German asst. pro on handicaps: "Die schreiben sich doch alle
ihr Handicap gegenseitig..."
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>> Have you forgotten the purpose of handicapping?
>> The purpose is to create To position where EVERYONE has an equal chance of
>> winning
> I take this as your personal opinion - I don't think that _that_ is the
> basic purpose of handicaps. Perhaps you can give us an official quote?


Will these help?

The first is the very first sentence of the USGA handicapping site.

1. The USGA Handicap System� enables golfers of all skill levels to compete on
an equitable basis

And the second is from the FAQ's of the CONGU site which governs the UK.

Q.2 What are the objectives of the CONGU� Handicap system?
A.2 The objectives are: a) To make sure, as far as is possible, that players'
handicaps are allotted and adjusted in such a way that they reflect each players
ability relative to other players.

I think that agrees with the statement from Crispin that you questioned.


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>>Besides are you saying the german system is beyond criticism or do you
>>simply not allow anything to be said against it?

> Of course not. OTOH, you simply poured criticism on it without knowing
> the whole trouth...

Well how could I know the whole truth? I'm relying on you to provide it to
me in this case. And I didn't pour criticism on it. I just said it was a
strange way of doing things.

>>> And yes, it _is_ annoying to be in the same class with the rookies -
>>> you may find yourself in it even with a 25 handicap :-(

>>So it's not a perfect system then? ;-)

> There is only one perfect system: The one which reverses the usual
> situation:
> "My handicap is too low and the other people's handicaps are too high
> - without any exception"....

well, there is that...

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>>Mark Myers <nospam(a)see.sig> wrote
> <snip>
>>> Does the UK hc system provide the level playing field you are
>>> talking about for ALL golfers? No, it does not.
>>> How is the above any different in principle to other hc systems that
>>> may have higher limits,

>>whereas in the UK you can join a club with no handicap and play the
>>course as often as you like without ever gaining a handicap,

> These must be the annoyingly slow players on your side of the pond...

No, not necessarily, remember we have public courses over here so learners
can go and play as much as they like without worrying people who have paid
lots of money for membership. Besides one can have played for some time
before getting a handicap, I've been playing since I was 7 but I only got
my handicap last year (I'm over 30 now incidentally) and I'm not a slow
player, my dad and myself have just played 18 holes in under three hours.

>>the only thing you can't do is
>>enter competitions, however that doesn't stop you from playing often
>>enough until you improve to the point where you can get a 28 handicap
>>or better, something you cannot apparently do in Germany.

> True.

>>So from that point of view
>>the German system is understandable.

> Thank you for your understanding. Now you got my point:
> A foreign system is not ridiculous only because it's different ;->

No, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be improved upon; I'd suggest, after
your beginners have had their ten lessons and test with the pro (or whoever
it is), it wouldn't be too difficult to ask them go out with another
member, play one round of medal and then take a rough handicap from that,
at least that way they'd get an initial handicap more indicative of how
they actually play.

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A I mistaken? I s this UK I seem to be seeing posts here.......