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> >>> Pardon? Miss Alaska would like to drill to line her pockets. Many of the
> >>> rest of us would like to preserve something for nature, especially given
> >>> that we will be done with oil within the next 50 years anyway.
> >> Perhaps you should do a little research about all of the different
> >> products
> >> that we use daily which are derived from oil. You are touching one of
> >> them
> >> right now.
> >
> > And how stupid is it that we have allowed ourselves to become so totally
> > dependent on it, when we could have invested in the research to produce
> > alternatives years ago? Looks pretty dumb right now.
> For a guy who spent years teaching and researching at the university
> level about materials science it is pretty sad that you didn't apply
> some of your own knowledge and experience towards the solving that problem.

I did, but it also needed some federal or industrial research dollars to
allow it progress to the production stage. That money is suddenly
becoming available, but twenty years ago no one wanted to know about it.

William Clark
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> Based on what I've read and heard, she'll be lucky to still be on the
> ticket. This choice will turn out to be the dumbest thing McCain ever
> did.

the reactions from Democrats says otherwise. !st rule in politics is if your
opponent is screwing up you don't do anything to stop him.

Play the ball as it lies.
Play the course as you find it.
And if you can�t do either, do what is fair.
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On 7-Sep-2008, annika1980 <annika1980(a)> wrote:

> > An increase in supply would reduce the price of oil globally. �
> Yes, if we drilled all the oil out of ANWR we could watch the price
> plummet by at least 2 or 3 cents per gallon.

of course this ignores the whole psychological nature of markets as shown by
the current reduction in prices as 1)demand from western countries is
slowing (the developing duo of China and India, not so much) and 2) the US
is just talking about getting serious about opening up its reserves to

Play the ball as it lies.
Play the course as you find it.
And if you can�t do either, do what is fair.
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On Mon, 08 Sep 2008 13:37:01 -0400, BAR <screw(a)> wrote:

>Why won't Obama release his undergrad transcript? Does he have
>something to hide?

I'd also be interested in seeing his SAT and LSAT scores.
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On Mon, 08 Sep 2008 20:48:27 -0400, BAR wrote:

> It is had to be singled out as one of the most intelligent with stellar
> aptitude when 50% of the graduating class has the same grades and honors
> as you do.

Exactly what you'd expect from the top law school in the country, when
only the best and the brightest get in. That's why Obama being elected
president of the Law Review is so impressive.