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On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 08:33:58 -0700, larry wrote:
> On Sun, 30 Jul 2006 23:02:34 GMT, Ernie <ernie(a)> wrote:
> The instant you write such a word you lose me-- and nearly every other
> objective reader. That is not debate, it is ad hominem attack, and of
> course it does not deserve an answer.

How dare anyone question Larry's honor!
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My rounds have really been up and down since going to this swing, but I
think I got it figured out yesterday. I only played nine holes, but was
+5 for the first three and +1 for the last 6, 3 putting the 9th. I
chalk the 3 outt up to the heat. I was mowing the lawn before I went
out, and drank 3 liters of water on the 9, when 2 is usually more than
enough, and was really feeling toasty on the 9th tee, and really felt I
couldn't concentrate when trying to make the first putt, an easy putt
into the grain and pretty straight, slight left ot right break...about
as easy as they get for me!

In any event, excuses aside, I took any attempt at the lateral body
movement out of my swing on 4, and played great from then on in. I
suspect and greatly hope that this is what the problem is, because I
really hit the ball well with this swing when it works, and it does
work over entire rounds.

The lousy rounds could also be due to the effect of excessive guitar
playing as well. My left wrist is more or less constantly worn out, and
I suspect I have a mild case of "guitarpel" tunnel syndrome in my left
hand. An interesting observation I have made is that the sore left
wrist I get from playing the guitar goes away when I play golf! Another
good excuse for golf!

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