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>The oddity was that it could see the network, but would refuse to log
>on until the machine was carried upstairs to be right next to the
>Router, whereupon it would happily connect .. and then he would
>proceed to carry it back downstairs and use the laptop with the
>wireless connection ... yes, at the very spot that it had refused to
>log in.

My Daughter's Wii seems to have a variation of this disease. I
recommended that she gets a router extender.

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MuahMan wrote:
> Another interesting coincidence....
> I was at Panera Bread getting myself a sandwich and surfing the web.
> The guy at the table next to me was frantic because he needed to sign
> into his work website and update his Microsoft Project in the next few
> minutes. I asked him what the problem was, Panera has free Wifi, try
> using your iphone 4 I said. He told he already tried his iPhone 4 but
> every time he went to pick up to use it the connections would all
> drop. I said fine, I notice you have an iPad use that. He said he
> would use his iPad but that his companies website used a Flash
> interface so he couldn't use his iPad. Plus his update was on a flash
> drive and he had no way of getting it onto the iPad. He also had a
> Macbook Pro that he whipped out, we tried for another 15 minutes to
> get it on the free wifi, but it was a no go. We gave up after the
> thing started overheating. Finally I just gave in and said, "Here,
> use my $199.00 generic netbook that I got from". I popped
> open the lid it came out of sleep connected to the wifi and I let him
> use it to do his work.
> He was very grateful and went out of his way to tell me he was going
> to order a netbook running Windows 7 as soon as he got home.