From: HenryMB on
I would highly suggest Dunlop's LoCo ball or Maxfli Noodle. I have had
great results with both. Low compression balls are great, Loco is
especially good as it is inexpensive and I think they have several

FYI. My swingspeed varies between 85 and 95 mph. When I catch the ball
perfectly I nail it about 280 yds dead straight with my TM 460 Burner
(rifle 5.0 shaft). My shots normally a straight/slight pull at 250 +/-
10 yds.

Campy wrote:
> What are your recommendations for a good distance ball with modest spin
> characteristics for a 80 to 90 mph swing?
> Campy

From: fiveiron on
240 yards for a ss of 95 with a driver, is about right.

112 for 280.

>v fe

>w o o d s y  t h e  o w l  s e z,
>g i v e  a  h o o t !  d o n 't  p o l l u t e......

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