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Otto wrote:
> "sjh" <strat68(a)> wrote in message
> > The bright side is you can always sell them to Otto.
> >
> I'd be glad to buy them if I get a free pink skirt with them.

pink is the new black this fall...

perhaps we can talk him into throwing in a pink razor as well.

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robert.home(a) wrote:
> hi, I just purchased a set of X14's with what I now believe to be
> ladies shafts - it states Gems on the shaft. Can anyone confirm this is
> a ladies club and that these are graphite shafts?
> I was also looking for the serial number on the 8 iron - it doesn't
> have one. Are these clubs pre-serial numbers on callaway's?
> thansk for any advice. Rob

Callaway Gems are lady's irons with graphite shafts. As far as I know
all Callaway irons within the X series have a serial number on the
hosel of the 8 iron. You can contact Callaway through their web site
for more information. They are great with customer service.