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. It took me 2 yrs to figure out 1
> thing.....throw out that lob wedge or lofted club you got & hit just
> about every approach shot w/ your 7 iron.

My average score right now is about 82, down from about 86 last year.
I have struggled on and off with the short game and I've had this
advice thrown at me a lot - usually by non-pros.

This winter I worked a lot on my short game and I can chip passably
well with my 8 iron now. However, when then chips are down and the
green is hard, my 58 degree is my go-to, because I can swing a little
more firmly and not have the ball go too far past.

There's nothing that daunting about the lob wedge, you just need to
practice a bit and *do-not-quit* on the swing, which is essential for
a chip with any club.

A lot of "one-size-fits-all" golf advice is simply not helpful. For
instance, again today I read in a Golf Digest article that "amateurs
seldom take enough club, which is a mistake because most of the
trouble is short of the green."

Bullshit. At the great majority of courses I've ever played, over the
green is generally a lot worse place to be than short. If you think
about it, most greens slope back to front and back up to woods or some
sort of course boundary. I'd much rather be in the front bunker below
the hole than over with a downhill chip coming back.

Of course, it's true that very many hackers take too little club and
swing too hard, but simply taking more club is not always the answer.

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>>> I don't find where a "putter" is defined...
>>I think 1a General.
>>It is defined by it's shape and intended use.
>A putter is a club with a loft not exceeding ten degrees designed
>primarily for use on the putting green.
>The specifications above with regard to roughness, material and
>markings in the impact area do not apply to putters.
>Attachment to Grip or Shaft of Club of Player with Artificial Arm �
>See 14-3/15.
>4-1/3 Status of a Chipper
>Q. What Rules apply to �chippers�?
>A. A �chipper� is an iron club designed primarily for use off the
>putting green, generally with a loft greater than ten degrees. As most
>players adopt a �putting stroke� when using a chipper, there can be a
>tendency to design the club as if it was a putter. To eliminate
>confusion, the Rules which apply to �chippers� include:
>(1) The club must not be designed to be adjustable except for weight
>(Appendix II, 1b);
>(2) The shaft must be attached to the clubhead at the heel (Appendix
>II, 2c);
>(3) The grip must be circular in cross-section (Appendix II, 3(i)) and
>only one grip is permitted (Appendix II, 3(v));
>(4) The clubhead must be generally plain in shape (Appendix II, 4a)
>and have only one striking face (Appendix II, 4c); and
>(5) The face of the club must conform to specifications with regard to
>hardness, surface roughness, material and markings in the impact area
>(Appendix II, 5).

Thanks, I guess this settles it. I'm off to bend a putter and put a
round grip on it.