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> Experts say if she decides to divorce Woods the settlement could be
> one of the largest in celebrity history, dwarfing the $150m (�100
> million ) paid by Michael Jordan, the basketball star, to his former
> wife Juanita. An original pre-nuptial agreement is believed to have
> given Miss Nordegren the right to $20 million (�12 million) after 10
> years of marriage. In the wake of the scandal that was said to have
> been renegotiated, which could lead to her receiving $300 million
> (�200 million) in any future divorce.

God, who writes this trash? Why would Tiger sign a post-nup
unilaterally giving her $300 million without any clauses preventing her
from divorcing him anyway? That's crazy. His attorneys would never
let him sign such an agreement.

Hmmm, how about a post-nup that pays her $100 million if she doesn't
divorce him within the next five years, with a declining scale of
payouts over the next twenty years that theoretically adds up to $300
million if _neither_ of them files for divorce. Because that makes
good business sense for him. A face-saving salvage of the marriage for
five years (and I'm sure there are clauses in there requiring her to
make it look semi-sincere) is worth more than $100 million to him in
recouped endorsement money.

Oh wait, read the original article again: that's exactly how you could
interpret the terms, they just worded to make a "TIGER SHELLS OUT $300
MILLION TO EX!" headline plausible. Gah, tabloid trash.

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