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Just to spice this up, and because you are one, let's change the
Competitor to a Rules Official. Let's also consider that the decision
you quoted refers to light rough and not the fairway. If you were
called in the first place by a player asking for relief, you could ask
him to mark his ball and lift it to see if it was indeed sitting in
casual water, even if the stance test does not show any. However, in
the case at hand you cannot duplicate the original condition of the
ball's original position after the fact.

25/4 Water Visible as Result of Undue Effort with Feet
Q. In a wet area, casual water is not visible before or after the
player takes his normal stance. However, by pressing down hard with
one foot, the player causes water to appear around the sole of his
shoe. Is the player entitled to relief under Rule 25-1b?

A. No. Water visible through undue effort with the feet is not casual
water � see Definition of �Casual Water.�

If I was called by a competitor seeking relief from casual water and his
ball was partially embedded, I would not consider it appropriate to ask him
to lift his ball to see if there was water under it.
I would go by what I could see around the ball and his stance (after he had
taken the 20lb golf bag off his back!!)
However, if the competitor asked me to consider his ball may be sitting in
casual water, I would permit him to mark and lift his ball without cleaning
it, to see.
If none the ball would be replaced. It there was water , then I would grant
relief and of course he could then clean his ball.

Had I been called by the competitor claiming his fellow-competitor had taken
relief when not permitted, I would have stopped the fellow-competitor
lifting his ball until I had checked the area.
If I thought there was no casual water, then he could correct his drop under
Rule 20-6.
If it was then shown after dropping where the casual water was claimed and
his ball was then found to be in casual water, we have a new situation and
relief could then be taken under 25-1b without any penalties at all.