From: Felicity on
If you want some great laughs dearies, go back a few years when the C-
list silly boys were exposed. They were on a self-appointed crusade
to cleanse this group. This is laughable. ENJOY

"No, Bobby has always been quite the gentleman in here. He saves his
good stuff
for the private mailing list (the "c-list") that he and Bellomy
started to talk
about RSG posters behind their backs. What's that? They didn't
invite you?
Your ears must be burning. Mine have been on fire all week.

The good news is that if you like that kind of back-stabbing gossip
there may
be an opening or two for ya since BK and at least one other prominent
here have dropped out this week, with more defections surely to
follow. Some
of the remaining members are stricken with horror at the prospect of
"outing" them publicly, but I wouldn't do that. I can keep a secret
you know.

Besides, instead of worrying about me ratting them out, they should
examining why they would join such a secret society in the first

Now does anyone care to venture a guess as to the identities of the
members of
the c-list?
I know who they are, all remaining 13 of them..
Now I wonder: do any of them have the balls to acknowledge what
they've been
Now's the time. Tell the truth. "

-Annika -----> The Schlemiel
From: bknight on
On Fri, 13 Aug 2010 09:18:52 -0700, "dene" <dene(a)>
>I always wondered what a Schlemiel was but was too lazy to look it up.
>Still am.

An oaf, bumbler, stupid, clumsy.
Definitely NOT Annika. :-)