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>>> VM is on the radar, specifically ways to reduce its cost. It is my
>>> job to investigate such things.
>> I just read and re-read this post and I'm proud to say that I don't
>> have a clue what you geeks are talking about!!!
> Well then! Virtualization is basically the ability to run one operating
> system within another. What's the point of that for a home user? Well,
> say you buy a new PC with 64-bit Windows 7 and find out that the only
> printer driver you can find requires 32-bit Windows XP. No problem!
> Install Virtualbox (free download) and install XP as a virtual machine.
> Install the printer in the VM and share it out to your home network.
> Problem solved!
> Virtualization also saves money. Right now I have 8 VMs running on my
> Ubuntu Linux system and I'm at about 1/3 CPU and 2/3 RAM. I used to have
> computers scattered around the house. Well I still do, but only my main
> desktop is running.

Yes, virtualization is the "big thing" now. Great for software development.

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