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new trolley time
My freeway has started making noises and i am thinking of replacement anyone had a play with the powakaddy touch? Feedback ... 7 Aug 2010 11:32
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Card for handicap purposes
I did not enter the competition today as I was due to play of yellow tees (Rabbits comp) but both my partners were playing off the white tees in a separate competition. However I did keep a card and scored 39 points (with 3 blobs !!) and put my crad in for handicap re-assessment. Does the hcp secretary have to a... 18 Jul 2010 05:14
Greg Norman & THE OPEN..
The Shark has backed out of the British Open.. This is the 2nd event he has backed away from in 1 year.. The 1st being cougar Chris Everet! Guess he is experiencing "SENIOR MOMENTS!".... golfdocvc ... 10 Jul 2010 07:19
Results: RSG Cincinnati X Play at Home Game
Sorry for the delay in getting this out. I know that Tom Yost was DESPERATE to find out where he finished (3rd). Here are the results of the RSG Cincinnati X Play at Home Game: 1. Fred Stulka 2. Bobby Clobber 3. Tom Yost 4. Ron Blanchard 5. Peter Strauss 6. Gary Hayenga 7. Mark Myers 8. Scott Newell 9... 7 Jul 2010 21:16
Free Match The Mistress Game! http://www.craigboyce.com/Games/MatchTheMistress/MatchTheMistress.shtml ... 19 Jun 2010 18:57
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A few holes played besides the usg bash...
Hello my friends, please allow me to share some memories of the courses which my son and I played in the week around usg 2010. Starting in Stansted and following some advice from here as well as a partial list of James Braid designs in England, we stayed around High Wycombe for some days before heading towa... 10 Jun 2010 15:44
Ping: Alan Campbell
Alan, Monday will be the one year anniversary. http://www.pbase.com/jpflumjr/image/113065214 Thanks again for hosting my father and I at Dunbar. We had such a great time. -- jvdp Hey Annika, you'll never hold these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rockpyle/3940732311/ http://www.rsgcincinnati.com ... 1 May 2010 10:59
Jose Sanchez is a pedo jmex@yahoo.net
The molestation charges were a lie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNRYkcsQle8&feature=player_embedded ... 20 Apr 2010 17:06
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team competition - Bowmaker
Playing yesterday and we had the normal winter format of 2 to count from either a 3 man team (full hcp) or 4 man team (3/4 HCP). We had a guest playing (not in the comp) who was from the Bath area and he referred to the competition format as a bowmaker. None of us had ever heard that term before. http://golf... 15 Mar 2010 05:45
Foursomes - Rules
We were playing a Chapman foursome (each player drives, plays a second shot, the team select the best ball and play alternately thereafter). Good fun on a damp day! Anyhow, A and B drove and played their respective second shots. B's did not go far whilst A's was walloped and headed into the distance but disa... 17 Mar 2010 18:51
GrooveFix – Premium golf accessories
GrooveFix is a new company manufacturing and retailing premium golf accessories. We have just launched our online shop at www.groovefix.com and would appreciate any comments regarding our site and its products. Best regards GrooveFix ... 2 Mar 2010 14:44
USG2010 10th Anniversary Meeting - Patshull Park
Mark Myers in <MPG.25ca3d7438231f18989810(a)news.altopia.net>: Please can you let me know: 1. If you'd like to come; 2. Your preferred dates, but please list all you can make; 3. Your preferred bunk room buddy if you're coming alone, or; 4. If you'd like a single room. * Fri/Sat Apr 16/17 * Sun/Mon ... 27 Feb 2010 08:51
umut thermal health farm
Dear Members, greetings from Denizli / Turkey. We are interested to present the one and only thermal establishmet ( 4 star Hotel & Clinic ) with thermal water and moor mud sources of Turkey with high sulphur content. Please kindly be informed that we are also interested to welcome guests from Europe in our ... 23 Dec 2009 12:23
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Discussion wanted
A rules question to hopefully put some life into this group. A competitor watches his fellow competitor 50 yards away from him take relief from something in the fairway and drop his ball. Curious, he went over and inquired as to why the player had dropped his ball. Casual water was the answer. It had been rainin... 14 Dec 2009 05:34
ball plugged in water hazard
Yesterday my opponent's drive put his ball in a plug (totally unplayable) on the green side of a water hazard. I thought he could declare it unplayable and drop on the tee side of the hazard at a cost of one stroke. He though he still had to drop the ball in the hazard (no water at present) but still count addi... 3 Sep 2009 09:01
Mizuno mp37 vs. mp 32
Can anyone tell me about the difference between these two iron-sets Polo ... 5 Dec 2008 19:31
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