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featherlite clubs
Does anybody know where I can buy a set of featherlite irons? I am looking for a set of Dave Pelz Featherlites or Ram Tour Grind Featherlites... I had a set of these in the early '80s and wanted to try them again. I have only the 6-iron and PW left from the set I owned. I have looked at Ebay, but haven't fo... 25 Aug 2006 11:44
one plane verus 2 plane swing
has anyone changed over from a 2 plane swing to a one plane swing, and if so how long did it take to change, and what benefits did you notice? Plus what are some of the negatives do you have about the 1 plane? I just changed over a week ago, and i love it. ... 27 Aug 2006 13:31
BOM vs Bangenstein
I went from the BOM to the Bangenstein as a tribute to the USGA. The BOM has a PL Blue 75 S flex in it and the Bangenstein has an Evo R flex. I couldn't hit the broad side of the driving range with the BOM. Totally gruesome! That solid feel and solid hit the Bangenstein makes has become engrained in my psyche, I su... 6 Aug 2006 14:17
Allen Doyle swing
X-No-Archive: yes ... 2 Aug 2006 15:14
Q: Real definition of link
What is a true definition of link? I thought any golf course on or adjacent to a body of water was a link. I heard commentators say "... knows how to play a link ..." What are they talking about? What is special or different about a link? What different strategy or approach should one take? Are they referring t... 24 Jul 2006 18:23
Aaron Baddely hip shift drill
Golf Digest had this great drill from Aaron Baddely: Assume your address position, lay a short iron on the ground with the grip end touching your inside right heel and the shaft touching the front of your left toe (for right handers). Make a swing and start the downswing by shifting your hips along the line o... 24 Jul 2006 00:18
"Hit it easy"
How many times have we all been told to "swing easy"..... "don't try to kill the ball"..."let the club do the work"... Often each of us ( well, a lot of us!!!!) just ignore that valuable and clear advice. We try to drive the ball WAY down the fairway. Sometimes we get the perfect shot, BUT..... far more ofte... 23 Jul 2006 11:10
clean contact divot drill
Find a place with level dirt ground (I use a local baseball field) draw a straight line with a tee place a plastic ball, or a tee on the line using your normal setup (not back as you would a bunker shot) hit the ball or tee, and check carefully where your swing takes dirt (after the line.) Practice this for... 18 Jul 2006 20:18
Congrats to Gulbis!
Not only her first LPGA win, but did it with Sorenstam in the field! This just might propel her to becoming the #1 womens' golfer in no time at all. Which woudl be FAN-tastic due to her lovely looks and athletic body. Just what the LPGA needs the most. Imagine Gulbis & Kerr winning most of the events. ... 18 Jul 2006 20:17
Best Distance Ball for 80-90mph Swing?
What are your recommendations for a good distance ball with modest spin characteristics for a 80 to 90 mph swing? Campy ... 18 Jul 2006 20:17
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