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On Sun, 6 Sep 2009 18:59:15 GMT, assimilate(a) wrote:

>On 4-Sep-2009, Bobby Knight <bknight(a)> wrote:
>> >She is perceived by the left wing as so dangerous that anything she says
>> >makes news. The left went into hyperdrive to destroy her when she was
>> >added
>> >to McCain's ticket. I personally don't understand what they see in her
>> >that
>> >is so threatening.
>> >
>> I don't think they think of her as a threat, but a joke.
>A joke does not provoke the type of response she got.

From know-nothings.

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On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 16:40:00 -0400, Jack Hollis wrote:
> On Sun, 6 Sep 2009 19:51:04 GMT, assimilate(a) wrote:
>>On 6-Sep-2009, Carbon <nobrac(a)> wrote:
>>> > I assume that this decision came after a long trial with many
>>> > expert witnesses followed by a period of deliberation. Now if the
>>> > greatest legal minds in Canada say that the Canadian health care
>>> > system results in people unnecessarily dying, then who am I, or
>>> > you for that matter, to disagree.
>>> I guess things didn't work out on, huh?
>> And you accuse others of deflection?
> When they start doing that, you know you got them.
> Carbon is starting to act like an Internet stalker if he follows my
> posts in another group. Besides, I have no idea what he's talking
> about. I occasionally post in the soccer folder, so what.

On the contrary. I figured you slinked away in embarrassment after
getting creamed last November. But when you appeared William noted that
you had worn out your welcome at other newsgroups and was now circling
back to RSG. I was amused, but of course not surprised.
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On 5-Sep-2009, Howard Brazee <howard(a)> wrote:

> >This is just an indication of how radical some of the Obama's advisors
> >are. Van Jones is another example of how out of touch with America
> >Obama and his advisors are.
> Whenever politicians disagree with *me*, I take it as an example of
> how out of touch with America those politicians are. After all, it
> only makes sense that the whole country agrees with me.

do you know anything of Van Jones Howard? He is not mainstream.

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On 5-Sep-2009, Jack Hollis <xsleeper(a)> wrote:

> So that's KnitWit's excuse.....that it was written out of context, 32
> years
> >ago.
> The out of context argument is complete rubbish. What they say is
> obvious.
> The only way to describe the person who wrote these things is as an
> Eco-Fascist. Someone who is willing to suspend democracy, the
> Constitution and human rights to protect the environment.

You must have hit a nerve Jack. I don't think I've ever seen BK in such a

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On 4-Sep-2009, "gray asphalt" <dontwrite(a)> wrote:

> Will you explain what the difference is between
> "rationing" and the way things are done now? -

Now coverage is a matter of contract: what the policy says it will cover and
if one party does not live up to the terms then in can be brought before the
authorities to settle. Rationing socialist style is where one party is the
state and who is going to arbitrate a dispute between you and the state? Why
the state. Wonder how that's going to work out?