From: bknight on
On Wed, 30 Jun 2010 10:35:37 -0700, "dene" <dene(a)>

>> I admire your certainty. I admired Dene's certainty...
>Cool thing about betting Carbs is that he will not reveal his name or
>address. Consequently, there is no way to pay him.
>Me likes dem kinda bets!

I'll be glad to send you my address and you can send that payment to
me. I'll hold it for Carbon.

From: George Orwell on
>I admire your certainty. I admired Dene's certainty...

I'm certain they don't admire your ignorance.

Il mittente di questo messaggio|The sender address of this
non corrisponde ad un utente |message is not related to a real
reale ma all'indirizzo fittizio|person but to a fake address of an
di un sistema anonimizzatore |anonymous system
Per maggiori informazioni |For more info

From: Howard Brazee on
On Wed, 23 Jun 2010 22:54:53 -0400, "Frank Ketchum"
<nospam(a)thanksanyway.fu> wrote:

>BP in the end will probably get what they deserve. I believe that they
>probably were negligent and I think they probably did skirt regulations and
>pay off overseers. My belief however is not grounds for conviction, nor are
>anyone else's. Should it be proven, they should be sued out of existence.
>Next, the regulators tasked with overseeing them should face the music.
>Then the politicians appointing the regulators.

BP's mistake was in having an accident near a major customer. They
would have been better off with the Big Oil companies destroying the
Niger delta.

"In no part of the constitution is more wisdom to be found,
than in the clause which confides the question of war or peace
to the legislature, and not to the executive department."

- James Madison
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