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> > Rob, you are very right. Something seems very wrong with a million
> > dollars per year for treatment. Because there are sadly no miracle
> > drugs or treatments out there for MD as you well know. While
> > medicatons and treatments and sometimes even surgery can improve or
> > extend life, the overwhelming majoirity of care for long term MD
> > patients is custodial. A million dollars is a lot of money, maybe
> > there is more to this story then we know, and without knowing
> > Guardian's side of the argument , it was indeed a foolish post
> > because as you say it really says nothing. It tried to demonize
> > Guardian and the entire industry, all it did was embarass the OP.
> >
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> >
> > Knit's not embarrassed. He's too dense and obtuse to experience that.
> >
> > -Greg
> Is it true that he is almost 80 years old? Maybe he don't even know to
> be embarrassed. Maybe he don't even know what time it is!

My favorite Uncle is turning 80. A year ago he was the picture of health.
Now he has dialysis and cancer and thus will never play golf again. Yet in
talking to him yesterday, he spoke in grateful terms of the full life he's
lived, always productive, RVing the country, traveling the world, never
wasting one moment on the internet or other meaningless pursuits.

Knit's obsession with me and usenet is no better than a kid playing video
games nonstop, except the kid has a life ahead of him. Knit has time
too...enough to truly participate in the real world vs. this make believe


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One thing that I don't like about the American system
of education - the attention paid to debating, a practice
where people are put on sides which they may or may
not believe in and are scored on their rhetoric instead
of an attempt at finding the truth. That is how the legal
system is set up. People think that somehow, even in
the absence of a judge and jury, there is some merit in
arguing for the sake of arguement and that some power
will make sure that the best side wins ... the best means
the most persistent, most skilled at muddying the water,
demagoging, telling half truths ... basically the ones who
have vested interests or no real interest in the subject
and who argue as debators instead as truth finders.

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