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Nothing fluky about 67-71-67-67!
From: Manco on
Yeah but if Phil had this discipline back 10 years ago, Tiger wouldn't
have 14 majors. IF IF IF I know...
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On Apr 11, 7:41 pm, "Sendek Q. Sendek" <under...(a)> wrote:
> Never mind that Tiger is in his first tournament back from his hiatus
> and that very soon Tiger will get back to making Phyllis his own
> personal biatch on a week to week basis.

Tiger chose to take a break. It's not an excuse. Mickelson and
others did not choose to do so and it paid off for him.

> Phyllis is a fraud and has always been a fraud.  

So Tiger just gave this one up to him as goodwill. It's still a
win ... as I've told recently basketball-wise.

> Its pretty funny, the notion that there's a rivalry between Tiger and
> Phyllis.  That is like saying there is a rivalry between the New York
> Yankees and the Kansas City Royals.  The Royals win once every five
> times or so, and celebrate like they won the world series.

Phil isn't KC. Probably more like FSU in the 90's ... around, but
never quite there until they got a few breaks.

> Well, its more like this:
> Tiger Woods = Michigan football.  Dominate program over the years.

UM is a great program, but they haven't been dominant for a decade and
that is sandwiched between a bunch of "good" but not great years.
They have solved the problem of only winning 9-10 games a year.

> Your pretty foolish if you dont.

Um ... that would be "You're pretty foolish ..." And I cannot disagree.
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Sorry ... I just noticed the difference ... are we talking about
"Mickelson" or "Michelson"?

From: Manco on
On Apr 11, 8:05 pm, shiite <uncdoo...(a)> wrote:
> The discomfort of twisted panties is apparently excruciating.  If all
> any PGA player *ever* did was win 3 Masters, he would be celebrated as
> a great golfer.

Phil has won 35 other PGA tour victories, 2005 PGA Championship, 2
WGCs, 2 Tour Championships, 1 Players Championship, 1 Bay Hill and
been #2 in the world for most of the last decade and is widely
regarded as the most talented after Tiger.