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Q: If I'm playing a match against my girlfriend and I can tell that
she really wants to win, should I purposely throw the match so our
evening is more enjoyable?

A: If you believe you have to fold a golf match to keep your
girlfriend in a good mood, I'm afraid you have bigger problems that I
can help you with. Letting your girlfriend win might seem like an easy
way to keep her happy, but it will only lead to more trouble. You have
to be a good actor to pull off a believable fold, and you'll always
know that you threw the match, which means she'll also likely sense
it. In the long run, she'll resent you more for that than if you beat
her fair and square. The whole balance of your relationship will
shift. If your girlfriend is the type of player who can't stand losing
to her boyfriend, then don't play matches against her. Pair up a team
and take on other couples instead. That way you'll always be equals.


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From: Miss Anne Thrope on
Nancy, your girlfriend has the unfortunate sense to date a golfer.

There's no way in Hell her evening is going to be enjoyable.

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