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> How long will it be before we will be
> just like Mexico , Canada or any of the other Central American or
> South American countries? We have already lost our language,
> everything must be printed in Spanish also.

The Constitution doesn't identify a national language and it's purposeful.

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> > > How is it that you call Larry a troll but never say the same thing
> > > about Baker. I hope it isn't idealogy.
> >
> > Alan isn't a troll. He's more of a nitpicker. If someone makes a claim
> > that is in some way debatable, unsubstantiated, irrational, etc., Alan
> > will probably be asking questions about it. I don't see how picking
> > apart something someone else says is trolling.

He asks questions for the purpose of picking a fight. He doesn't seek
information nor does he say anything substantial with a counter-argument.
It's a form of trolling.

> > But Larry here is advocating raping kids. I don't know about you, but to
> > me that crosses the line.
> Standard operating procedure for a narcissist who only sees that people
> are talking about him and not what they're saying.
> >
> > Also I'm a liberal and Alan is a libertarian, at least as far as I can
> > tell.

I doubt if he sincerely believes anything, Carbs.


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> >

> > You don't read much.
> >
> > "Comprehensive immigration reform" has been explained thousands of
> > times already.
> >
> > In fact, it was proposed by George W. Bush.
> I disagreed with much of what Bush did and proposed domestically.
> My version of comprehensive immigration reform is that if you are an
> admitted illegal alien you get shipped back to your country of origin
> ASAP after we tattoo a "scarlet letter" on your forehead. And, if we
> have to go through the process and we determine you are an illegal alien
> you still get sent back to your country of origin with a "scarlet
> letter" tattooed on your forehead. If you want to become a US citizen
> then there are legal ways to do so, get in line just like everyone else
> and do it legally.
> If people, like those that live near you Randy that scare you, break
> into your home and steal from you should the be prosecuted or should the
> be greeted with open arms and asked if there is anything else they want
> to take?
> Illegal is illegal and it should be dealt with as a criminal matter.
> The social injustices of illegal alien's home countries is not going to
> be solved by having those countries citizens leave and become illegal
> aliens in other countries.

A well thought out statement.'s a wonder that somebody as dumb
as you, Bert, could fashion this. So much for the intelligence of those


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> I am.
> What business has the state in telling you what you do to yourself?

Because few men are islands. Getting stoned everyday has a direct effect on
other people. Duh!

Go back to nitpicking and leave sincere discussion to grownups.


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On Wed, 05 May 2010 19:17:49 -0600, Howard Brazee <howard(a)>

>On Wed, 05 May 2010 21:06:38 -0400, Jack Hollis <xsleeper(a)>

>>>When you put your mother in a nursing home, or when you move into a
>>>retirement home, you will find immigrant workers keep costs from being
>>>as high as they would be otherwise.

>>I don't think that anyone around here is against immigrant workers.
>>That's what made this country what it is. It's illegal immigrants
>>that's the problem.

>That's the claim. But they get angry when they see people speaking
>foreign languages and living with different cultural values. They
>don't believe 2/3 of the immigrants are legal.

>Look at history, hatred of immigrants is very, very common - whether
>or not they are "illegal". A century ago, the claim was that we
>couldn't have Americans who were papists. But it was the same thing
>- they didn't act like "Americans", and they took jobs. We're not
>as mad now because we don't want the low skill jobs. But we feel
>threatened anyway.

True, and it began with those Englishman taking over land from the
Indians. Every ethnic group since has faced similar treatment and
similar claims of their unsuitability to be Americans or their
inability to acculturate.

And in 1942 ethnic Japanese were removed from the western states and
kept in camps with military guards for two to three years--120,000 in
all by the end of the program, and 2/3 of them born US citizens. The
Supreme Court approved the program, though it became clear later that
the Justice Department had withheld or manipulated evidence countering
the government's claim that none of them could be trusted to be loyal
to the US.

>That's the claim - and people like my wife even believe it when they
>claim it. But I think they are fooling themselves.
Don Kirkman