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> >>>> I have no respect for Dene because he shows no one else any respect.
> >>> He deserves a baseline of consideration for being a fellow
> >>> human being. This being MLK week, let me remind you:
> >>>
> >>> "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do
> >>> that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
> >>>
> >>> I'll add that the only time those words have real meaning
> >>> is when they are uncomfortable and/or difficult. That's
> >>> where the rubber meets the road. So even when I chastise
> >>> Dene, I do it out of hope that he'll let go of pettiness
> >>> and get a sense of perspective. It's a moral imperative
> >>> to me that I do. YMMV and probably does.
> >>>
> >>> cb
> >>
> >> And since you do it respectfully, sometimes I listen.
> >>
> >> I follow a simple set of rules in here. If you want to discuss issues,
> >> game. Throw in demeaning insults, then I return fire.
> >
> >Why?
> >
> >Seriously, dude, that's the ethos of a teenager. Rise above.
> >
> >cb
> You expect him to rise above something he's enjoyed every minute of?
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> >, I'll cop to some
> >meaningless confrontations. However, when you are commonly known as
> >"The Turd" anywhere in life, by anyone, your track record can't be too
> >impressive. Your history here, and it is searchable, is rococo with
> >bitter, prolonged, and often downright nasty insult, innuendo and
> >accusation. So, yeah, I'm no babe in the woods, Greg, but when it
> >comes to "silly fights" you're the undisputed heavyweight champ.
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Yep! I'll cop to the above. I've enjoyed just about every minute of
> it.

Bingo. RSG is both entertaining and occasionally, enlightening.


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>If Randy is interested, I can send him a few biblical passages that might
>help him deal with all this. Because I too am very disappointed where
>health care has gone. But rather than channeling my passion toward anger
>and accuse others , I seek Jesus. When I am down or out, five minutes
>of Bible readings and all my earthly woes and obsessions seem miniscule.
>Let me know Randy if you would like some verse, your soul will be soothed
>and maybe hope renewed. God bless this feeling, decent man. His heart is
>in the right place.

It's getting weird around here.

BTW BS, what's your view on homosexuality and abortion.
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>> On 2010-01-20 13:41:54 -0500, Howard Brazee said:
>> How about life and death? Do you suppose those issues cut across
>> Conservative/Liberal idealogical lines?
>> Fact: Insurance companies today (and every day) deny coverage to
>> people who need health care.
> Cite this lie. That has never happened in my 20 years of experience in this
> business.
>> Fact: They also (every day) deny payment to cover health care to
>> people who have paid into their health care insurance for years.
> Cite this lie. That has never happened in my 20 years of experience in this
> business.
>> Fact: They also (every day) cancel people's fully-paid-up policies
>> just because the policyholder commits the sin of getting sick.
> Cite this lie. That has never happened in my 20 years of experience in this
> business.
>> Fact: They also (every day) refuse to cover people because of
>> pre-existing conditions.
>> Fact: In many of these cases, these decisions to refuse health care
>> benefits have life and death consequences.
> Cite this lie. That has never happened in my 20 years of experience in this
> business.
>> Fact: Depending on whose estimates you believe, anywhere from 20,000
>> to 50,000 Americans die each year from a lack of health care coverage.
> Cite.

Dene, I don't need to "cite" anything. Pretty much everyone knows
someone who has encountered one or more of these obstacles with health
insurance companies.

In the case of outright denial of coverage, I need look no further than
my own case, where I was turned away by several providers before I
finally settled on one of those "limited benefit" cooperatives, where
the benefits are, well, like it says, limited.

I have no record of health problems. None. Unless you count chronic
sinusitis every Spring and Fall when the weather changes.

There was a parade of speakers at the 2008 Democratic National
Convention, many of whom told their personal stories dealing with
health insurance providers. I suppose you're goint to call them all
liars, despite the fact that you have not one shred of evidence to back
up your claims.

One need only to survey their friends -- be sure to poll those who've
gone into business for themselves. They're the ones who suffer the
most in this arcane system of health insurance-based health care.

>> Most of these people would have insurance if (a.) they could afford it,
>> or (b.) they hadn't been denied coverage by insurance companies.
> or (c), if it was a priority.

Dene, I hate to burst your bubble here, but I make a six-figure income,
and I was unable to get health insurance. It certainly isn't because I
didn't try.

I was simply denied coverage, despite having no record of health
problems. None.

> If you or I were killing as many people each year as health insurance
>> companies routinely do, we would be on every federal Most Wanted list.
> Leftist bloggist horsemanure


If you or I killed more than 3,000 people each year, you think we
wouldn't be on the Most Wanted list?

I guess after you've been killing that many, or more, each year, you
become desensitized to it. Is that your defense?

> And as I said earlier, if Al Queda killed as many Americans each year
>> as health insurance companies do, there would be no end to the funding
>> and resources Americans would be willing to pour into stopping and
>> KILLING them.
> More unsubstantiated rhetoric.

I stand by those remarks.

You and I both know that if any organization killed 3,000 or more
Americans each year, the government would pour whatever resources were
necessary into stopping it. But for some reason, they view this sort
of killing as "the free market at work" when it's health insurance
providers that are the ones allowing people to die.

> The health care debate isn't about money, as much as the right would
>> like us to believe.
>> It's about life and death.
> More unsubstantiated rhetoric.

Herein lies the fundamental core of the argument. And as long as you
continue to cling to the notion that the health care debate is an
economic issue, we will never have much to discuss.

This is the crux of the issue to most of us on the left. Health care
is not an economic issue. It is a question of life and death.

> The right believes it is more "entitled" to life as long as they can
>> AFFORD health care coverage. In other words, they believe the right to
>> life is tied to one's wealth.
> It's what you do with your wealth. If you are poor, you are eligible for
> public assistance. Most of the uninsured, including you, choose to be
> uninsured.

I chose to be denied by all those insurance companies? I don't think
so, Dene. I had the money, and I was willing to pay a higher premium.
But no go. They simply weren't interested. Funny how that happens
when you get to be in your late 50s and aren't a flatbelly. And while
your juvenile characterizations of my height and weight may provide you
with a laugh, you really don't know my height or my weight. I can
assure you it ain't that far out of whack. Certainly not enough to
justify my being excluded...especially when I'm willing (and able) to
pay a higher premium.

> And they call themselves pro-life.
> Pro-liberty. You have the right to be stupid in this country.

And it's good to know that you exercise that right every day.

> Yeah, right.
>> Keep valuing money over life and you will have a very unpleasant judgment
> day.
> Further proof of your irrational state of mine.

The word is "mind." It's a terrible thing to waste. If only you had one.

> Those who think like you go
> to heaven. Those who don't deserve hell.

You value money over life. How is that a Christian value? Or for that
matter, a Hindu value? Or a Muslim value? Or any other spiritual

> Perhaps you should revisit the
> Scriptures and view the ones which speak of honesty and hatred, then take
> the log out of your own eye.

As if you'd ever actually read the Bible. That's a laugh.

You getting to an elephant passing through the eye of a needle.

Thanks, by the way, for not refuting anything I said.

We all know the reason why.


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On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 17:34:39 -0500, "R&B"
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>You, however, seem to believe that a person who earns more money, and
>can therefore afford higher quality health insurance, is ENTITLED TO A
>other words, you believe that a person's wealth ENTITLES THEM to better
>odds in a life and death battle against disease.

Of course rich people get better health care. They get better
everything. That's why it's good to be rich. It's not that they're
entitled to better health care, it's that they can afford better
health care. One of the reasons that people work hard is so they can
get money and be able to have better things.

Socialized medicine can make thing more equal. Unfortunately, what it
does is end up giving everyone crappy health care. And even in
countries that have socialized medicine, the rich still get better
health care. Around 11% of the Brits have private health insurance
that provides service outside of the NHS. Rich Canadians come to the
US for health care rather than wait on a list in Canada. And not all
the Canadians are that rich.

If you've got more money, you're going to have better things. That's
the way it is.
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On 2010-01-20 18:04:33 -0500, dene said:

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>> There is a special place in hell for you.
>> Randy
> Ya had me until this line. While I was reading your post, I was
> thinking that perhaps you could discuss these ideas without rancor. You
> actually made a couple valid points.
> Then I got to this line, which nullifies everything you say.
> Now go away, grow up, and then post when you can exchange ideas like an
> adult.
> -Greg

You want to seriously discuss this?

Try me.

When it comes to being civil, I can run circles around you. Besides,
we all know you love me.

Seriously, until you actually show a willingness to have a civil
discussion, what's the point in me showing respect for you when you'll
just trash me in response?

Go back and re-read the post and respond. Let's see if we can amaze
others with how civil we can be toward one another.

It's worth a shot.