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> > Again....pure unsubstantiated, irrational rhetoric. It's like saying all
> > cops are bad because there are a few bad ones out there. The fact is
> > virtually all claims are paid without question, which is precisely why
> > vast majority of Americans are happy with their plan and want to keep it
> > is. They just want lower premiums.
> Wait a minute.
> Most claims are filed on routine health care procedures. Routine
> physicals. Put a cast on the kid's broken arm. Stitch up the leg
> where it sustained a wound.
> There's no reason why people wouldn't be happy with their health
> insurance as long as it pays on those procedures.
> What I'm talking about is when the patient is suffering from real
> life-threatening illness. That's when insurance companies get the
> jitters and start looking for ways to get out of the deal. You and I
> both know this is true. Hell, the insurance company executives
> ADMITTED IT UNDER OATH in front of Congress last year!!!!!!!!!!!! And
> when pressed by Congressional questioners as to whether they would stop
> the policy, these same insurance company executives said they would NOT.
> So don't tell me this stuff doesn't happen. Insurance companies
> themselves have admitted they do.

It's never happened in my experience and I've seen my clients have some
hefty claims. My best friend's premature baby spent two months in ICY
prenatal, costing 800k, before dying. The insurance company paid it all
without blinking. I can cite heart attacks, strokes, long term cancer
illnesses, etc. All paid in full.

> > Frankly, your rant is hypocritical. By your own admission, you choose
> > not buy health insurance, therefore becoming a problem instead of being
> > of a solution.
> That's simply factually false.

You tried to buy it after becoming a high risk. You also chose to be a high

> > Who is going to pay for your stroke, i.e. your decision to
> > overeat and hyperventilate? Me....along with millions of responsible,
> > insured Americans. You have no business criticizing any insurance
> > or those who are willing to provide insurance for themselves,
dependents, or
> > employees.
> My suggestion to you is, if you're going to use someone as an example,
> try talking about someone about whom you have actual knowledge, rather
> than imagined information. You don't know me. We've never met. And
> you have no idea what my health situation is, was, or will be.
> Randy

What you've revealed says plenty.....and it's a familiar story. Much more
valid than the half truths your leftist pundits repeat about the health
insurance industry.


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> This from the guy who works in the health insurance field, and who
> cares not one iota about helping people who need health care, but
> rather, cares only about company profits, and wouldn't think twice
> about denying health care to anyone if it cut into his own pension.

This shows again that you don't have a clue.

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> Yes, just like George W. Bush campaigned on being "a uniter, not a
> divider."
> Candidates often discover that campaigning is easier than governing.

When it comes to uniting the American people, nobody beats Obama. He has
singlehandly united the country....against him. How he reacts to this major
setback will determine whether he ends up like Bubba or like Carter.

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> The fact that the Grand Obstructionist Party has managed to stop the
> change agenda in its tracks is a poor testimony on the ability of
> Congressional Dems. Says very little about Obama.

you flunked basic math didn't you? The GOP has nothing to do with this: they
had no input, were not offered any amendment opportunities and were not
needed to pass it. Other Democrats did this.

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assimilate(a) wrote, On 1/20/10 11:42 PM:

> When it comes to uniting the American people, nobody beats Obama. He has
> singlehandly united the country....against him.

Hooboy. That's some fine, nuanced analysis!