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> What part of Obama's plan improves the ER situation?

The part where it is administered by a huge bureaucracy. That always means
efficiency didn't you know?

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> > Been watching MessNBC, including your
> >Rachel.
> I don't think I ever enjoyed watching MSNBC as much as I did last
> night.

Some of the best comedy I have ever seen!
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> >> The Bay State Independents have spoken, along with some disgruntled Dems.
> >> This is a huge victory for America's center-right majority, who want
> >> common
> >> sense change; not Commie, borrow from the Chinese, change.
> >> Americans are tired of big government and it's never ceasing appetite for
> >> more of our's and our children's money.
> >> Wake up, Obama!  Cya Reid.
> >> -Greg
> >A complete rejection of Obama's policies.  Obama is a one termer.
> Not so fast.  Clinton's first two years were rejected by the voters
> and he was able to recover, so don't count Obama out just yet,
> However, Obama's agenda is dead.  I can't imagine that the Democrats
> are stupid enough to try and push the health care bill through.
> They're going to take more losses in November.  If they push on health
> care the losses could be catastrophic.
> Obviously cap and tax is not going to pass and neither is the union
> card check bill. Ultimately, Obama will have accomplished nothing.- Hide quoted text -
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I'd bet they will. They are idealogues. They really do believe that
once they pass it, the electorate will come around to their point of
view. They will also push cap and trade. I doubt it has any chance,
but they will push it.
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> Dene, the majority of voting Americans voted for Obama's agenda a year
> ago. Their disapproval now is not over how far-reaching his agenda has
> been. They voted for it. They voted for SWEEPING CHANGE. Their
> disapproval is over how little the Dems have been able to get done with
> the obstructionist right standing in their way at every step, and how
> watered-down the health care bill has become.

They disapprove so much that they elected another obstructionist eh? You
guys are laughably predictable.
The lose of Ted's seat to a Republican in the middle of healthcare reform is
nothing short of remarkable. Watch and see what the markets do today.

The best thing about Democrats is that when the American people reject their
policies they always insist that the American people want more of their
policies. Kinda like if you shot yourself in the foot, your analysis of the
problem would be - the reason my left foot hurts so much is that my right
foot has not been shot. Therefore, I will shoot myself twice in the right

> Frankly, I'm not in favor of the health care bill either. But not because
> it goes too far. Because it doesn't go far enough.
> I won't be happy until insurance company douchebags like you are forced to
> find jobs in another sector of the economy because we've gone to single
> payor.

You will never be happy even if what you say comes to pass.

> It'll happen. Eventually. Maybe not this time. But it is inevitable.
> It's the only solution that will solve the health care crisis we have in
> this country. Whine as much as you want about it. But until health care
> is considered a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE in this country, America cedes any
> moral high ground it wishes to claim. You put money ahead of life,
> there's something morally wrong with you, sir.

Health care is a right, you have a right to as much healthcare as you can
afford. The problem is that the current system is structured so that costs
spiral out of control and people cannot afford it. Reforms are needed to
bring the cost of healthcare down. The correct reforms do not put this into
the hands of bumbling bureaucracies, they put this into the hands of the
consumers. We face similar problems where other institutions are government
run and consumers have virtually no input, like public education. It works
poorly and costs a fortune. How about social security? How about medicare
and medicaid? Expensive, poorly functioning enterprises.

It takes a special kind of political hack not to be able to see the

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> Grow up and take care of yourself. Nobody owes you healthcare, food,
> shelter, or toilet paper. You're just a loser....a sore one at that, just
> like your Cowboys!

Heh! Go Vikes!!