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You are such a hypocrite. Look at your words toward me, like "douchebag"
for instance. You could have easily brought your points without attack me,
my character, or profession. Now you are whining because I gave it back to
you in spades. Nobody on this board has your track record for being a hater
and wishing death upon people, yet you claim that you're the adult.

As for my profession of being a broker, I exist for two reasons.

1. Health insurance is complicated, therefore most consumers desire a human
touch to explain options and benefits to them

2. A commissioned broker is much cheaper to an insurance company than
hiring a sales force.

I've helped thousands acquire health insurance. My business grows because
people appreciate my honesty and expertise. They tell others about me.
It's a simple equation for success in this great country.

It's too bad you don't understand this. Instead, your obvious failures are
blamed upon others whom you irrationally hate. Even worse, you feel a sense
of entitlement. Again I repeat....nobody owes you a thing. You are fully
capable of being successful. The only thing stopping you is "stinkin

Grow up!


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> >> > Been watching MessNBC, including your
> >> >Rachel.
> >>
> >> I don't think I ever enjoyed watching MSNBC as much as I did last
> >> night.
> >
> >Some of the best comedy I have ever seen!
> Poor Rachel looked like her dog just died.

I loved it when they interviewed the feminist, who made snide remarks about
Brown "giving away his daughters." Borat should pay her a visit.


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> On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 06:29:03 -0800 (PST), Dinosaur_Sr

> If I was the Democratic leadership, I would make the changes to the
> health care bill, pass it through the House and let the Republicans
> kill it in the Senate. This way they can blame the Republicans for
> killing the bill. Next I would forget about cap and tax and the union
> card check bill and move on to working on the economy.

That's probably what they will do. The high road would be to actually
negotiate a bi partisan bill and present it to the President. It's what
they should have done in the first place.


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> >
> > Brown should offer to give Obama a ride in his truck so that Obama can
> > meet the real people of Mass. and the USA. You know get the view through
> > the front windshield rather than from the back seat of a limo.
> It is safer to ride with Brown than Kennedy.



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> On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 09:56:41 -0500, "Frank Ketchum"
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> >The lose of Ted's seat to a Republican in the middle of healthcare reform is
> >nothing short of remarkable. Watch and see what the markets do today.
> They've been falling all morning. The Dow is down almost 200 right
> now.
> BK

Yes, making the country essentially ungovernable will do that.