From: golfbum18 on
The facial hair might do something for your harem......which brought
you to this LOWWWWWWWWWWLY state, but it didn't help your game. Didn't
driving into trees begin this whole little downward spiral. You're
only playing because there is no cut.
From: crapyking on
This is RSG isn't it? I guess nobody cares about golf. I watched last
night, it was dreadful. I never saw worse golf in my life from Tiger.
Tempo is key for everybody, Tiger is so fast thru his swing. His
mental focus is just not there, it is obvious. When it all comes down
and Tiger gets on track, he will have a new caddy. I don't think I saw
him talk to Steve Williams once from what I saw. Tiger showed up for
business purposes, not to win.