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More Usenet posters have addressed Charles Novins publicly, while joining in
the Toms River, New Jersey attorney's campaign to clean up the internet, and
more-specifically, Usenet.

One poster was a years-long veteran of the group, "alt.usenet.kooks," which
had become home to bizarre, irrational, and hate-laden messages in recent

The text of the apology is here:

Hate-monger and supposed "poet" Peter J. Ross denied there'd been damages or
apologies to Novins; another multi-year veteran of the group wound up
calling him on the lies.

Ross is believed to be beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. Courts, but has
egged-on his "hate-buddies" to further defamation, thus risking legal
consequences for everyone - except, naturally, Ross.

Ross, and others like him, fight for their "right to hate."

Meanwhile, terrified but carefully anonymized posters continue to post
defamatory material. In many cases, posters like this, such as "Aratzio,"
have excellent reasons for hiding, such as criminal records, and often

One poster who libeled Novins, falsely charging the Toms River attorney with
ethical violations and incompetence, deserves special mention. That poster
(hiding behind the psuedonym "Miguel,") ultimately turned out to be Michael
Cranston, Esq., a Washington State attorney so deep in ethical and other
violations as to have been suspended from legal practice.

This one, more typical, posting as "Henri," seems to have little use for
Jews, as well as non-whites:

Novins has settled privately with a number of the offending posters in
agreements which are frequently sealed as to the terms, including the amount
of money-damages paid, usually at the request of the poster. The Toms River
Attorney respects the privacy of everyone - so long as they agree to respect
his, and others'.

Some, like those linked above, have decided to publicly correct their
intemperate comments, without the need for any resort to courts, nor even
any formal agreement.

The Law Offices of Charles Novins has become a clearinghouse for information
about anonymous internet stalkers, harrassers, abusers, and other online
undesirables. The firm also has acquired a large store of knowledge,
pleadings, and other useful materials aimed at dealing with the internet's
more unfortunate aspects.

Novins can be reached at:

Al Ekman
[This message has been sent to groups in which the original defamatory post