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> >"The coming war with Mexico over illegal immigration will be one of
> >the greatest disasters to ever hit our nation," said Glenn Spencer of
> >American Patrol. "We must prepare today for the inevitable."
> >It's going on without physical warfare.  Do you want to understand
> >what kind of war against illegal immigration  is going on inside  of
> >American society?  It's called "job separation.".  The late hero Terry
> >Anderson  talked this without being afraid to be attacked by the
> >leftist media. Terry pointed out  his race could not find the job in
> >his community when Mexican/Hispanic illegals came over and took over
> >most labor-intense job market. Terry said "Black people in Los Angeles
> >do not work with Hispanic people because of the language and cultural
> >difference."   This painful truth could not allow to express in  US
> >media both liberal and conservative while
> >I was still bombarded with  loving-peace message of  Martin Luther
> >King. The fact of matter is his real dream of (all races in one
> >melting pot culture) has never implemented it. The  leftist
> >media has never expressed  being afraid to be marked as racist
> >people.  Of course, leftist has
> >lied. I was brainwashed by the white liberal driven leftist crappy
> >message.  I thought they were
> >not a white racist but I was WRONG. They were as racist as any white
> >racist.  On top of that,
> >these liberal camper is one who often argued for the  Mexican
> >invaders. I could not understand  these white people backing up for
> >Mexican illegals. Assuming one thing: they thought they are doing some
> >great  contribution for the global peace.  WOW!  I've learned one
> >important real lesson:  one can't search for global peace while his/
> >her house is burning down. Mexican invasion is burning down the
> >American job market. They are destabilizing American society.
> >Mostly poor and underclass American citizens are first and foremost
> >victim of Mexican invasion.
> >Currently, America is having  racial warfare  over illegal immigration
> >issue.   Hispanic, La Raza,
> >Latino  activists are allied with mainstream radical leftist like
> >ACLU, SPLC to protect mass
> >illegal immigrants. They bring lawyers from ACLU and SPLC to represent
> >illegals at the cost
> >of the American taxpayer money. They know the system. They know how
> >the system work.
> >As long as  no mass American citizens in physical protest and
> >engagement,  pro-Mexican invaders are free to protect their mass
> >illegal population.  They actually use American taxpayer money and
> >resource   to bring more illegals. Most White citizen can't engage in
> >mass public
> >protest over illegal immigration because  they are too lazy, too fat
> >and too much watching
> >sport, Hollyweird garbage film and drinking and using drug.
> >LOOK --->  30-years-old white American-born male is still riding  a
> >skateboard!!!!
> "Red Cloud" is a frequent contributor to Native American forums. The
> last large paragraph is his. The last sentence made me smile.

I don't see the illegal immigration problem as a race problem... they
are breaking laws and putting a strain on health care, education,
etc... their race doesn't matter.