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>I would think Randy would be the authority on it. From a 9/1/03 post
>from him:
>"Actually, he beat Annika the last time the two of them played in the
>same event. In fact, he beat Annika head-to-head, in our rather
>convoluted and rules-stretching match AND stroke play Sunday singles
>round at RSG-ATLANTA 2K2. You may recall Ken shot 1-under-par 71, and
>lost in a putt-off to Sweet Baby James Taylor for medalist honors.
>Annika finished back in the pack (incredibly, even *I* beat Annika
>that day, a fact that was lost on everyone in the world except ME). "

That should nail it down.

The question remains Ken....why bother with those idiots? Anyone that
knows you is aware that you really have game.

/ \
�Someone likes every shot�
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> kenpitts <ken.ptts(a)> wrote:
> > Those who were there. What did I shoot in the final round for the
> > coveted peach jacket? I appreciate the help. I am being shouted down
> > as a non-golfer by a certain faction in another group. Annika's "Kenny
> > Buys a Rifle" post has been removed for some reason.
> >
> > TIA
> >
> > Ken
> Heck, Ken (see what I did there: "heck"), even I have no reason to think
> you can't play.
> :-)

So Ken, was this another post in which I've "done nothing but attack

Just curious.


Alan Baker
Vancouver, British Columbia
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