From: John van der Pflum on
Sorry for the delay in getting this out. I know that Tom Yost was
DESPERATE to find out where he finished (3rd).

Here are the results of the RSG Cincinnati X Play at Home Game:

1. Fred Stulka
2. Bobby Clobber
3. Tom Yost
4. Ron Blanchard
5. Peter Strauss
6. Gary Hayenga
7. Mark Myers
8. Scott Newell
9. Kenny Stultz
10. Steve Stemmer
11. Bob Cotter
12. Peter Muk

Fred's picks where me (bad pick), Mark Georg, Thor, and Rob Pyle (The

Fred - send me an email with your home address and I'll send out your
fabulous prizes.
Hey Annika, you'll never hold these:
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