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I was watching one of these "Playing Lessons with the Pros" on the Golf

The amateur was complaining about a lack of consistency.

The pro asked him how much he played and the amateur responded "3X a week."

The pro followed with "If I played 3X a week I would be inconsistent too."

If you are retired and healthy you should be playing every day--if you want
to get better and be consistent.

Now if you want to pick an item or two and work on it at the range--knock
yourself out. But do it after or before the round.

Play more holes.

I shoot for 90 holes a week(5 rounds) and I have a job and a family and I am
not retired.

And I walk---fast.


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> I play twice/week and practice 4-5x/week (fortunate to be retired and
> healthy).
> Used to play 3x/week but prefer this format for now. Am getting pressure
> from some friends/relatives so I can see 3x/week in the near future (for
> better or worse).

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>I shoot for 90 holes a week(5 rounds) and I have a job and a family and I am
>not retired.

How do you find time?

>And I walk---fast.

That works on empty courses.
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"Howard Brazee" <howard(a)> wrote in message

> >I shoot for 90 holes a week(5 rounds) and I have a job and a family and I
> >not retired.
> How do you find time?

I work 14-16 hour shifts at night and during daylight golf is a priority.

> >And I walk---fast.
> That works on empty courses.

Empty courses help. It is the benefit of cold and rain and wind and ice
pellets and the rest. It opens up the course. Warm, sunny days on weekends
are a challenge. Extreme heat in the summer helps clear the course too.


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>>>>> I'll bet you do have a preference. You may find that you can make
>>>>> the variations work--if you swing them properly.
>>>>> But one will feel the most comfortable to you
> Sorry nothing seemed to come through the first time.
> Hi Mike,
> I am currently using a set of Spalding Topflite Custom Mades with
> ProjectX shafts medium to slightly stiff. Lofts 50� PW then 4�
> increments downwards. I am thinking of pulling these and putting them in
> a set of Hogan Apex II, do you think this will work? Looking at the same
> loft progression in the Apex.
> Will have to think about these for my Apex Pc's I have in the US.
> I really like the Project X in the Spaldings.
> The weather at the moment!!

Will it work? If the hosels are the same, why not?

Well, you asked--I'm not a fan of the Project X shafts. I did a
reshafting job with them and was shocked at how poorly they were
matched. But if they're working for you, then perhaps you have a good


Mike Dalecki GCA Accredited Clubmaker
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> Guess I'll stick this here for lack of a better place.
> I was on the range today and the only good thing I'll say is that it was
> sunny. The rest of the story is mid-30's, breezy, and the range balls had
> been stored in the range shed overnight with a low in the teens. But with
> the sun (and lots of layers) it was tolerable.
> I was hitting the following collection of clubs.
> 1) mid 90's Hogan Apex (channelback) blade 5i/6i reshafted with TT Tx 90 A
> flex
> 2) mid 90's Hogan Apex (channelback) blade 5i with stock Hogan #4 shaft
> (stiff)
> 3) Cleveland Ta3 (cavity back) 6i reshafted to match #1 above
> 4) KZG Forged IIM cavity back 5i with TT Tx90 R flex 5i
> 5) KZG Forged blade with Rifle 6.0 shaft
> 6) Tommy Armour Silver Scot cavity back 5i/6i with stock R flex shaft
> 7) Titleist DCI 762 cavity back 6i with TT DG S300 (stiff) shaft
> 8) early 70's Titleist cavity back 5i with stock R flex shaft
> 9) mid 90's Hogan Apex (channelback) blade 2i (just for grins) with stock
> Hogan #4 shaft (stiff)
> I really only had two strong reactions to all this.
> 1) It is REALLY fun to hit a 2i well. It just isn't fun when it hits the
> front of the green and rolls off the back. And it isn't fun to hit one off
> the toe either (for example).
> 2) I'll swear that there isn't a hill of beans difference between all
> clubs (other than the obvious such as some having stronger lofts than
> others). Maybe I liked #4 and #7 a bit better - maybe. Yesterday I loved
> and today it was more neutral. But I'll swear that I'd alternate between
> stiff shafted Apex 5i and the A flex Apex 5i and while they didn't feel
> same, I honestly don't know which one I preferred.
> Tough to be a real darksider when everything tastes like vanilla :-)
> dave

Was back on the range today with my "club collection" listed above (minus
the 2i) plus an old Wilson "Tour 1000" cavity back, and an even older
1980'ish Hogan blade (Director). I was pretty much determined to make some
decisions on what my preference is. Interestingly if I have a preference it
is for my existing irons (Hogan mid 90's vintage blade) with a stiffer
shaft. So I'll be doing some shaft experiments with my existing heads.

But my experience with the KZG forged blade with Rifle shafts was
interesting. In the hitting session today I just couldn't seem to hit that
club. I hit probably 15-20 shots with that thing spread out over the entire
roughly 1 hour experiment. I never did hit one "really sweet". I decided
that it was probably the shaft.

I was about to leave and I got curious about my "KZG blade problem". So I
put some impact tape on the club to see just exactly how bad the mis-hits
were. I'll swear that I hit 5 shots in a row - every damn one of them dead
center/on the screws. The marks on the impact tape after 5 shots were hardly
bigger than the first one. This was easily the best "five consecutive shots"
of the day.

This 'what club/shaft do you like best' stuff is fickle.


ps. I've always liked those old Hogan Director blades. Might well be my
second choice, but the lofts don't fit well into my current set.