From: Bobby Knight on
On Wed, 05 Dec 2007 17:39:15 -0600, mos <moranta(a)> wrote:

>Dene wrote:
>> On Dec 5, 3:10 pm, "Ben." <komb...(a)> wrote:
>>> On Dec 5, 12:34 pm, Dene <gdst...(a)> wrote:
>>>> Get a life, old man. You don't have much time to spare.
>>> Incredible...simply incredible. _Surely_ you have more class than
>>> this, G.
>> Do the math, Ben. He is old...he has no life, spending much of his
>> retirement on usenet looking for pissing matches and maintaining his
>> virtual relationships. I really doubt if you or I will be making the
>> same choices when we're his age.
>> -Greg
>You were asked this before, but again ducked the question. How do you
>know what anyone, specifically Knight, does with their life away from
>RSG? How old is he? In his eighties? Do you have an hourly schedule for
>him? Do you have a private detective following him?

He has no idea what my life consists of. I'm 71, play about three
rounds of golf weekly, am very involved (with my wife) in animal
rescue groups, have two sons, 7 grandchildren, and four dogs.

My golfing buddies, which are numerous, aren't virtual friends, nor
are my neighbors. My home office has two computers running steadily,
one reading the market, the other for perusing other interest groups.
My handicap has soared because of some physical limitations, but in
match play I'm still competitive. Last week I lost a match on the
eighteenth hole, which I birdied...but my opponent played it faster,
so he won the hole. :-)

>Your hatred is based on something other than his posts, but your lack of
>class is evident.

Your insight is evident.

From: Gordo on

"Alan Baker" <alangbaker(a)> wrote in message
> Snippage>
> I had no idea he meant that (if, in fact, he did)...
> ...until you explained it.
> You want to tell me again how much it bothers you?

Honest question. Why shouldn't it bother him when someone has to stoop so
low to drag someone's wife into any arguement? That should be considered
off limits even in the world of usenet, yet it seems that Koenig gets a pass
from almost everyone concerned. If it didn't bother him, I'd think that
something was wrong, and I hope that others have called Koenig on the

From: Gordo on

"Dene" <gdstrue(a)> wrote in message
> On Dec 5, 3:39 pm, mos <mora...(a)> wrote:
> Please read carefully, Morty. Your opinions, your question, are
> irrelevent to me.
> You're a noob who seems to be primarily interested in politics, Rob,
> and myself. Perhaps if you stick around a while, expand your
> horizons, I might take you seriously, but not now. I'm not going to
> answer to every anom. noob that appears in RSG. For all I know,
> you're Dave Jones, using one of his silly masks.
> Hope this is clear.
> -Greg
He keeps repeating the question Greg, perhaps that makes him relevant.

From: Gordo on

"Bobby Knight" <bknight(a)> wrote in message
> On Wed, 5 Dec 2007 07:37:35 -0800 (PST), The_Professor <dbid(a)>
> wrote:
>>Big words coming from some cowardly anon who cowers under the bed to
>>make posts to this group. Time to invoke the Dene Rule on you. Say
>>what I want about Dalecki, but he stands up for himself and takes
>>responsibility for what he posts here...not that it makes any real
>>difference, as this stuff is 100% meaningless, but here we have
>>positive prooof that some people are in fact too cowardly to identify
>>themselves to the people they talk to in a discussion group.
> Patent bullshit, as usual Rob. This "Dene Rule" is stupid in
> itself....
> Neither of you call out any of the following for not identifying
> themselves to all. Well, unless they stick a pin in your fat assed
> egos.
> The Moderator
> Assimilate @borg
> Carbon
> Fairway
> Pin High
> Annika1980
> MoiMoi
> Gordo
> Dugjustdug
> me
> Sparky
> WW
> Or even Dene.
> All of these are anons to most of the group. Just because you know
> some of them doesn't change that fact.
> Answer those that question you with an answer, not a lame excuse not
> to answer.

What the heck?? Most on here know who I am, it's hardly anonymous. For
those who don't know, it's really not worth knowing since I'm not changing
it and I don't make a drive by and then change it again. On the other hand,
I could do a norman nescio and just hammer Dene, but I prefer not to do

From: pin high on
On Dec 5, 1:05 pm, Dene <gdst...(a)> wrote:
> On Dec 5, 12:57 pm, Tex <marktexkoe...(a)> wrote:
> > Your material is about as old as your rusted, well abused Trophy.
> > Tex
> The "Trophy" Koen-pig refers to is a reference to my beautiful wife.
> It shows how low he goes.
> -Greg

I thought he was referencing the T-I-T-P-B Trophy.
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