From: annika1980 on
On Dec 5, 10:56 pm, "glfnaz" <glf...(a)> wrote:
> > Bring it baby! all your pars would waken my flat stick.
> > Tex
> You like Sam Adams?

It's beer, ain't it?

From: Steve S on
"annika1980" <annika1980(a)> wrote in message
> On Dec 6, 1:56 am, Robert Hamilton <D...(a)> wrote:
>It's like when you hear that
> beautiful seductive voice at the drive-thru and then you drive up to
> the window and see a grotesque blob with zits and stuff.

That's why they invented beer and eyelids.

From: Dene on
On Dec 6, 1:57 am, "Gordo" <golf...(a)> wrote:
> "Dene" <gdst...(a)> wrote in message
> news:78b68e1c-e784-4755-bd17-103c7e93f8d2(a)
> > On Dec 5, 8:43 pm, Alan Baker <alangba...(a)> wrote:
> >> If it bother's him, why would he be so willing to explain this insult so
> >> that those who had no clue what it meant (such as myself) are now in on
> >> it?
> >> > That should be considered
> >> > off limits even in the world of usenet, yet it seems that Koenig gets a
> >> > pass
> >> > from almost everyone concerned. If it didn't bother him, I'd think
> >> > that
> >> > something was wrong, and I hope that others have called Koenig on the
> >> > behavior.
> >> But his behaviour shows that it doesn't bother him.
> > It doesn't bother Koenig in the least bit. He's that type of person.
> > Picture the bullying jock in middle school. That's Koenig, who never
> > grew up. There's one like him at every reunion......usually
> > drunk.....reliving the glory days.
> > The issue is whether it bothers you, the reader. That's the answer to
> > your question, Alan. I knew his latest insult would require some
> > context to the reader so I gave it. It isn't his first time insulting
> > my wife or another. Providing his history allows everyone to be on
> > the same page and personally deciding whether it's ok to disparage
> > somebody's wife.
> > -Greg
> So, let me get this straight. Dene, you're being roasted now because you
> gave the context on the insult from Tex against your wife?? Unbelievable.
> He's proving that he's contemptible and there have been a few from his
> circle of friends that have called him on it, but I'm confused why Baker
> would allow the criticism simply because you (who's wife was insulted) chose
> to educate.- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

You nailed it, Chris. Can you imagine the outrage if you, Rob, Anni,
made a crack like that about somebody's wife?

From: newellsatwsu on
On Dec 5, 9:46 pm, Dene <gdst...(a)> wrote:
> Which is precisely why the reader needed to know the context, so they
> (the reader) could decide if these types of OTT insults are
> acceptable. I didn't want it to remain innocuous. It's happened
> before. Will it happen again? I hope not. Perhaps a little peer
> pressure might insure that wives stay out of the fray.

Is anticipating the end of Bobby's life acceptable or OTT?

Is threatening someone with a lawsuit acceptable or OTT?

I'll let the reader decide.

What moral ground are you standing on Greg? Or do you get to decide
what's "nonsense" vs. what's real for all of us?
From: John van der Pflum on
There's a real nice Pinot Noir called "Solitude". My wife and I use
it as our "celebration wine" but the vineyard went out of business and
now it's hard to get.

Too bad -- it was good stuff.
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