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> >Agree. Saw the whole thing. Both sides rose to the occasion and it was
> >healthy exchange. "Whipping" is a gross overstatement.
> >
> >-Greg
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> That's probably true, but I hold that it absolutely blows the BS about
> Obama not being able to speak, and debate without a TelePrompTer.
> BK

Agree. He was quick on his feet. Verbose....but articulate.


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>His hencemen Pelosi and Reid wrote it for him. It is still his baby.

Wait. They're his henchmen? I thought that he was their puppet.

The ultras just waft back and forth to try to make points....than
dispute each other.

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>>>>>>>> The TelePrompter "BS" hasn't been wiped off the table. Obama has
>>>>>>>> a long way to go before he can claim to be weaned off of the
>>>>>>>> TelePrompter.
>>>>>>> Cripes Bert. Didn't you see the whipping he gave the repub
>>>>>>> congressmen, all off the cuff?
>>>>>> In your dreams only.
>>>>> Enough so that the Senators don't want to be embarrassed too. They
>>>>> won't subject themselves to such a drubbing.
>>>> In your dreams only.
>>> Bert! This has been widely publicized. He offered to meet with them
>>> and they said no, not as a large group, just with a few of the
>>> leaders. They obviously don't want a repeat of the representatives'
>>> poor showing.
>> And the only people saying it was a "drubbing" are left wing blogs.
>> The meeting they want to have on the 25th is just as bogus. Obama has
>> stated he has no plans on starting over on healthcare. So whatever
>> proposals are presented by the Repubs, they will be rejected. The
>> people want a "do-over" on this and so do most Repubs. Obama will not
>> allow that so basically it comes down to nothing more than more Obama
>> Kabuki theater.
> Jesus. You guys say you've watched it. Are you all blind, or what?

We dont have blinders on like you.

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> > Why couldn't the Democrats pass the health care bill when they
> > controlled the House, Senate and White House? It sure as hell wasn't
> > because of the Republicans. The Republicans were in the minority in the
> > House, Senate and couldn't get past the front gates to the White House.
> >
> > The Democrats, including Obama, screwed up big time on Health Care and
> > now they are trying to score political points to look bi-partisan. They,
> > Obama and the other Democrats, have no intention of letting the
> > Republicans add, modify or remove anything from the Health Care bill.
> >
> > You call this too important to play games with, well Bobby, grow up.
> > This is the big leagues of politics and everybody is looking at how to
> > position themselves for their next election. Nothing matters more than
> > getting elected again because seniority means power. Ask Charles Wrangle
> > the tax cheat who runs the House Ways and Means committee. You can't ask
> > John Murtha how important seniority is now but it got him his own
> > personal airport.
> >
> > But, keep calling me a idiot, simpleton or crazy. I've been around DC
> > long enough to know how it works.- Hide quoted text -
> >
> > - Show quoted text -
> Then you should know that it takes more than a majority to pass
> legislation in the Senate. Both the health care bill and the climate
> bill passed the House because all you need there is a simple majority.
> You need 60 in the Senate, which is a ridiculous state of affairs (and
> yes I thought that when the Republicans were in the majority).

Check the first two lines at the top of this post. I specifically said
"controlled." I didn't say held a majority of the seats, I said

Thanks for playing and better luck next time.

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>> You're kidding. Biden wasted Palin in debate, and he's a
>> lightweight. She's a joke that is riding a wave of simple minds.
>> BK
>In your dreams. Palin did just fine with Blabben.
No, she didn't, but you're the one dreaming.