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>>> Oh, bullshit, Jack. We've been over that again and again - he's as
>>> dumb as paint.
>> Hmmm....what does that say about the intelligence of Gore, Kerry, or
>> the American electorate who elected this dummy.
> I always enjoy watching idiots like Clark talk about other people's
> intelligence. What a boob.

So, where do you feel you fit on the great bellcurve? Ahead of Clark?
Obama? How about Palin? Actually I might spot you that last one.
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>>> Literate and poor or ignorant and rich?
>> Well, you are ignorant, but I doubt you are rich.
> You'd be surprised how much this dumb ignorant idiot has.

You think money makes you a better person? Guess what, Paris Hilton
agrees with you.
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>>>>> On Thu, 11 Feb 2010 10:04:37 -0500, BAR <screw(a)> wrote:
>>>>>> The TelePrompter "BS" hasn't been wiped off the table. Obama has
>>>>>> a long way to go before he can claim to be weaned off of the
>>>>>> TelePrompter.
>>>>> Cripes Bert. Didn't you see the whipping he gave the repub
>>>>> congressmen, all off the cuff?
>>>> Whipping is subjective.
>>> Agree. Saw the whole thing. Both sides rose to the occasion and it
>>> was a healthy exchange. "Whipping" is a gross overstatement.
>> The GOP lined up for an hour and asked him prepared question after
>> prepared question. They gained no ground whatsoever. Call it whatever
>> you want. The Republicans know what happened and will never invite
>> him to another debate like this again.
> Pulhleese. Like they're scared of Obama.

They are now.
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>> On 11-Feb-2010, "MNMikeW" <MNMiikkew(a)> wrote:
>>> Obama desperately needs the Palin distraction. As long as his allies
>>> in the liberal press talk about Palin 24/7 it detracts from his
>>> miserable polling numbers. Not to mention his socialist takeover of
>>> the US.
>> nothing else would explain the obession with someone out of public
>> office for 6-9 months
> Yes funny they are not all over the Edwards circus. Oh, that's right,
> he's a Democrat.

He's a has-been.
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> >
> > > >
> > > > You're making a big deal out of nothing.
> > > >
> > > > -Greg
> > >
> > > Ah, so if it is Obama and the teleprompter to make sure he gets things
> > > right, it is a matter of national importance, but if it is
> > > being incapable of answering scripted questions without stuff scrawled
> > > on the palm of her hand like a third grader, that is trivial.
> > >
> > > Your hypocritical double standards know no bounds, do they?
> >
> > 1. Name the post where I criticized Obama for having a teleprompter.
> >
> > 2. Realizing none, be a man of integrity and take back these words.
> >
> > -Greg
> Getting a bit whiny, aren't we? You jump into a thread where Obama and
> the teleprompter are a huge deal, but Palin's palm notes can be waved
> off.
> > What's the big deal, Billy? Why is it acceptable for a person to take a
> > sheet of paper up to the podium but it's not ok to put two or three
> > words on one's hand? Have you ever done some formal public speaking? I
> > have....and it's not easy.
> You join the "Palin's palm notes are nothing" side, and then you get all
> offended because you get called for doing it? Not to mention being dumb
> enough to a k a college professor if they ever did any public speaking.
> Duh.

A. I didn't criticize O for his teleprompter. Just because some in this
thread do doesn't mean I'm hypocritical for telling you/the reader that
writing on a palm is no big deal.

B. I didn't claim you have no speaking experience. However, many don't and
it's not an easy task. When I post, it's not exclusively to you. I know
you're the center of the universe but try to visualize usenet as a bulletin

C. You had a chance to show some integrity.