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> > > > > > In the case of Tiger Woods, there is plenty of knowledge to base an
> > > opinion
> > > > > > on.
> > > > > > -Greg
> > > > > No, there isn't actually.
> > > > > What actual facts do you have, Greg. Go on: let's see 'em!
> > > > The court of public opinion is not based upon facts.
> > > Uh....uncle al, the kiddie's pal, consider this.
> > > 1.  Tiger used the word, "infidelity."  What does he mean by that?
> > > 2.  There are testimonies from 6+ women.  How many does it take to prove
> > > infidelity?
> > > 3.  If he's not an adulterer, do tell us why Elin is angry and why TW is
> > > quitting golf.
> > > -Greg
> > There is, of course, the possibility that this is all a ruse, and that
> > both sides are lying about the infidelity.
> > That seems to me to be a pretty radical action to take, just to avoid
> > playing the new conforming-groove irons, but there you have it.
> > Best,
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> Ken,
> You just hijacked uncle Al's latest theory.  Now he has to cook up
> another one.  Shame on you!
> -Greg

I have another one, too.
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On Dec 14, 10:40 pm, Alan Baker <alangba...(a)> wrote:
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> > On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 09:29:06 -0800, Alan Baker <alangba...(a)>
> > wrote:
> > >I just grow very tired of people who seem to validate their existence by
> > >taking cheap shots at easy targets.
> > Like the exhibition of cheap shots we saw you take at Larry?
> I didn't take any cheap shots at Larry. I used facts.

Facts like that Larry didn't own a business. Didn't live in an
upscale San Diego neighborhood near a golf course? Shall we drum up
the AP report and your reaction to it, claiming that he was the "pool
boy." No LOL reaction on that one. You got pissed and profane when
the facts were thrown in your face.

So.....if you are claiming "facts," uncle Al, then add blatant liar to
your obvious hypocrisy.


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On Dec 14, 8:12 pm, David Laville <dglavi...(a)>
> On Tue, 08 Dec 2009 10:11:08 -0800, Alan Baker <alangba...(a)>
> wrote:
> >> >   The bottom line is was Tiger an obnoxious jerk all along and we
> >> > didn't want to see it?  Or is he just another flawed human that was
> >> > able to cover his flaws from the public... for a while?
> >> Absolutely...
> >> BTW - Ken was right all along.
> >Sorry, but since none of us actually know the man, you can't actually
> >say that.
> I see Alan Baker is still being the clown and hypocrite of RSG.  He
> didn't actually know Larry but his didn't stop him from running around
> RSG trashing him.  Come to think of it he doesn't actually know Ken
> Pitts either but it doesn't stop his "seek and destroy Ken Pitts"
> mission.
> Claim you can hit a 2 iron 250 yards and Baker calls you a liar and
> comes at you with vengeance.
> Claim you tossed a club to the ground and Baker calls you a liar and
> comes at you with vengeance.
> A married man has affairs with 10+ women over a 2 year period and he
> tells us we aren't to judge the man.
> David Laville, G.S.E.M.
> The Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor

David, I want this to be complete. Baker claimed I helicoptered my
putter and put people in danger. I actually tossed my putter at my bag
and the closest person to me or my bag was probably 50 ft away.
Additionally, there was nobody at all on the line of flight of my
putter. It wasn't thrown hard enough to break an egg so nobody was
ever in any danger. Baker was going for maximum effect, like Al Gore
and his wild tale about the polar ice cap (completely refuted by a
real scientist).

That was the closest I have come to abusing course or equipment in
about 25 years. I was hot about almost three putting when I had a ten
footer for birdie. That would have cost me several bets and an
embarassed trip to the ATM. Was it wrong? Yes. Did I deserve to be
raked over the coals for over five years about it? No.

Baker retracted the helicopter part. Apology? I don't think so.
However, I will acknowledge it if he can provide a link. I don't
recall what he has posted months and years ago like he seems to do
with me. He has treated me like a dog ever since that day. Does he
know me? No. I have spent maybe 30 seconds in his company after the
event in question. Perfect chance for him to say something about it.
He didn't. I recall that we discussed our scores that day. Go

Best regards always.

From: David Laville on
On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 19:25:25 -0800 (PST), kenpitts
<ken.ptts(a)> wrote:

>On one hand you insist Bush is a dummy, on the other you insist that
>he and Cheney orchestrated the biggest cover-up of a government fraud
>ever. And they have managed to keep it secret all thes years. Which is

You're asking a leftard to explain his idiotic logic?

Now back to the Tiger Woods scandal.....

David Laville, G.S.E.M.
The Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor
From: David Laville on
On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 22:34:40 -0800, Alan Baker <alangbaker(a)>

>I don't like hypocrisy

Then why do you practice it every time you open your mouth?

David Laville, G.S.E.M.
The Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor