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> > Here's my current bag :
> >
> > Driver : Callaway FTiQ
> > 3&5 Wood : Callaway X Fairway woods
> > 7&9 Wood : MacGregor Mactech NVG
> > Irons : Callaway Big Bertha 1996 4-SW
> > Putter : Some el-cheapo
> >
> > Depending on course condition and my swing of the week, I change around
> > some.
> >
> > But I am really tempted to move up in irons this year. The Callaway
> > Diablo Edge irons look very nice, and I liked them when I tried them
> > out. Odds are pretty high I will get the 4-PW in them. I see no need
> > to change out the sand wedge as I don't use it often enough to really
> > care about the sand wedge a lot. May even go with an AW and do away
> > with the sand wedge unless I play a course with lots of sand.
> >
> > That's mine, what's yours?
> TaylorMade R7 - acceptable.
> TaylorMade 200 Steel 3W - still working!
> TaylorMade 3 Mid-Rescue - love it
> Titleist AP2 irons, 3 - PW - love 'em.
> Cleveland 900 (IIRC) 52� low bounce GW - like it.
> Titleist Vokey 56� SW - like it
> Cleveland 900 (IIRC) 58� LW - like it
> Titleist Vokey 60� low bouce LW - like it.
> Before anyone asks: Yes, that is more than 14 clubs. No, I don't have
> the all in my bag at one time.
> I don't think I'm likely to change much this year. The R7 is alright
> and the problems I have with a few clubs are much more the indian than
> the arrow.
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> A lot of guys swear by the rescue club. I've never been able to hit one. 4
> or a 7w works fine for me.

For me, hitting a 3 hybrid is about as easy as hitting a 7 iron, but
having it go like a 2 iron. :-)

> I've never been able to hit a mailbox driver either.

I can hit them alright...'s just that I don't think the R7 is
particularly good for me.

Alan Baker
Vancouver, British Columbia
From: Silvio on
Driver: Ping (Rapture Stiff stock shaft)
Irons: Mizuno MP-33 1-PW (Rifle 6.5)
LW: Dunlop Loco 60 deg. (Regular stock)
Putter: Odyssey Rossie

I am not a club fanatic. This is my second driver, iron set and putter ever.
Never owned a LW before this one. I like the clubs and will replace only
worn off or broken ones.


From: Lloyd Parsons on
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> A lot of guys swear by the rescue club. I've never been able to hit one. 4
> or a 7w works fine for me.
> I've never been able to hit a mailbox driver either.
> -Greg

I'm with you on the mailbox drivers, I've tried a few with poor results
and will try again with the FTiQ this year. If that doesn't pan out,
I'll go back to the very old Titliest driver I have.

I would really like a low profile driver similar to the MacGregor
Mactech fairway woods, but I haven't seen any in a long while.


From: Rick Currie on
Here's my current bag :

Driver : TaylorMade R5 Dual D
3 Wood : TaylorMade R5 Dual
Hybrids : 3 & 4 no name brand - got them for $20 a piece. They do the
trick for now. :)
Irons : TaylorMade RAC OS2 - 3-PW
Wedges : TaylorMade RAC Chrome - 50*, 54*, 58* - just got them, have only
used them indoors at a simulator. Feel nice so far though
Putter : Odyssey White Hot XG9

Again, yes, that's more than 14. I usually take my 3 and 4 iron out and put
the hybrids in.

I suspect next year that I will look into replacing the irons. Been looking
at the Titleist AP2 irons. Anybody here got anything good/bad to say about

Also, tried a King Cobra S9-1 last year at demo day at my course. Felt
pretty good.


From: Horvath on

I hope I'm not bragging but my clubs are all new. I recently bought a
set of Top Flite XL5000 clubs. These include:

Driver, woods 3, 4H, 5H
irons, 6-9, PW and SW

I also recently bought a Callaway 3i and a Peak chipper.

I also carry a six of beer, a bottle of rum, and a flask of brandy. I
plan on adding a golf GPS to the bag.

I shipped my old clubs to Florida, where I store them in my Winter
home. There I have:

Rawlings 10.5 driver, Northwestern woods 1.3.5. (Actual woods, too,
not those sissy metal ones.)
irons, Northwestern Chi Chi Rodriguez model 3-PW
Black Velvet putter

I plan on adding a sand wedge, (lots of sand traps in Florida.)

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