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> > > > Name the RSG familiars who attend Pittsburgh or Hershey. Did the
> > > You can take Pittsburgh off the list, I don't (and haven't) post about
> > > it here anymore.
> > Why is that?
> > -Greg
> I'm a huge procrastinator with little to no organizational skills, and
> am lucky to be able to make tee times for the small amount of people
> who currently show up. So I'm not really interested in having it grow
> much beyond what it currently is, which is usually about 6 to 12
> people. It's not really a tournament anyway, we just show up, play
> (mostly) the same courses, and that's about it. No prizes, no web
> sites, no expectations.

Smart move. Sounds like lots of fun for everyone, especially the


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On 26 Feb 2007 16:38:45 -0800, "The_Professor" <dbid(a)> wrote:

>Strauss and Dalecki. There's a nightmare combination!

Two of the nicest, smartest, gentlemen I've ever met.

Hell, Rob, you would fit that description too....if you just didn't
live revisionist history. :-)

P.S. Plus, Dalecki is playing good golf. He visited me last year and
shot 74 (par 71) on my club's course...having never seen it before.
I would think that there might be only 3 or 4 on RSG that could do

/ \
�Someone likes every shot�
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> Strauss and Dalecki. There's a nightmare combination!- Hide quoted text -
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Imagine being on a mailing list with them....having their nonsense
flood your inbox everyday. Especially Strauss....gobs of gossip and


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> Ah yes....B.O.B. claiming to represent the masses, trying to issue a
> directive to the cronies.
> -Greg

And you represent the whiny little girls. Good job, keep up the good work.
The girl scouts appreciate it.

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> > Save your breath. I'm still not coming.
> You spelled it wrong.

Wrong chat room, PUFFY.