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On Feb 24, 7:05 pm, John van der Pflum <nowhammymyspa...(a)>
> On 24 Feb 2007 17:07:58 -0800, "Dene" <gdst...(a)> wrote:
> >Name the RSG familiars who attend Pittsburgh or Hershey.
> Why? Does the event have to be attended by RSG regulars to be
> considered legit? With all of the handles/anonymous posters you could
> never know who posts and who doesn't.
> >Did the SoCal tournament actually happen? How many attended?
> Yep and why does it matter?

Because the host is a nice man and appeared to have a good tourney
lined up. Glad it happened.

> > Scott posted
> >about response. I don't doubt you and Thor's tournaments
> >do well, but how many of the 1st time attendees are RSG posters?
> >Isn't it more accurate to say they are friends of a regular attendee,
> >yours perhaps?
> I looked back at the past years' attendees at Cincy. Easily more than
> half of them I get to see only once or twice per year and only at RSG
> events. Of those, only two or three would I really consider close
> friends. The rest are all acquaintances who come to play golf,
> socialize, and have fun. I've gotten a number of emails from lurkers
> who don't post expressing interest about my event. I guess I don't
> understand why the events are declining when more people attend every
> year.

I'm comparing them to tourneys that were prominent when I started RSG,
in particular RSG-Atl. It seemed that there were more tourneys then,
attended by many from RSG, with lots of talk in RSG. Nowdays, I don't
see that. I don't recall any discussion of the So-Cal event. Perhaps
it was more of a C-list event.

> >> I can see the analogy of RSG being a 19th hole. I don't much enjoy
> >> talking politics with people from both sides who are unable/unwilling
> >> to have an actual exchange of ideas instead of just yelling
> >> accusations at each other. That's why I don't talk politics here.
> >This group is capable of civil exchanges. IMO, if people were to
> >suddenly quit biting the Larry baits, you'd see a lot more of this
> >civil discussions in all arenas of life.
> I agree on that one.

Did we just have an civil exchange of ideas? ;>


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On Feb 24, 7:20 pm, Bobby Knight <bkni...(a)> wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 03:04:29 GMT, Robert Hamilton <D...(a)>

Wow....what a liar. Examples follow....

> There was never any concerted attacks. You made outlandish statements
> and were called on them. Eric is Eric. He, as John pointed out, made
> his own bed. Incidentally, Eric called me in September, as he was
> leaving and told me straightforward that he didn't blame me for what
> ultimately caused him to leave. We're fine.
> Greg? If you mean Dene, he was a charter member of the C-List, and as
> I remember took issue with you at times.

Funny thing....I don't remember these exchanges. Do you, Rob?
Eric....yes. Rob....nope.

Until he was asked to leave
> the group. But he'll probably say that he was planning to leave
> before that.

Nope. I was booted.

Just like he was not planning to go to RSG-NW before he
> was asked not to come. LOL.

That's another lie. We had no plans to attend. We didn't attend the
prior year. It simply wasn't as much fun as the earlier events, for
reasons I've stated before.

> George Hibbard was a terrible spammer...remember that Eric, himself,
> was very, very vocal about his duplicity and spamming. He deserved
> the flak that was given him, and it didn't all come from one area.
> The group didn't go down, you were just pissed that you weren't
> included. Dene himself laughed about that.

Another lie. I told Rob that not being in the C-list was no big
deal.....more trouble than it was worth.

Hegemony? Get serious.
> Show me one iota of it being possible for any person, or group, to
> exert authority over RSG. That never was an aim, and you damn well
> know it. That's the lie that you keep telling, and believing.

Lies...lies....lies. There have been several instances of your
cronies coming out of the woodwork on hot threads and rallying around
you. Tell me that you haven't been e-mailing folks about this. You
use to e-mail me when you were pissed with Rob or Eric.

> You just never got over it.

He knows the truth and has the guts to stick by it.


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"Chris Bellomy" <puevf(a)tbbqfubj.arg.invalid> wrote in message
> annika1980 <annika1980(a)> wrote:
> : I know that certian people have certain areas of expertise.
> : If I want to know about video I'll ask Randy.
> : For clubmaking advice I might ask Dalecki (yeah, right!).
> : If I wanna know about drinkin beer and farting I'll ask Big Tex.
> : For advice on the long ball, I'll ask Sparky.
> : And Frostback is there for everything else.
> You forgot Larry.

If I want to know the truth, I reverse everything LLLarry says.


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"David Geesaman" <dgeesamanIHateSpam(a)> wrote
> Some people here might have a major self-worth problem if there were only
> 50 posts here per day. They would lose their entire social picture. Oh
> well, who am I to tell addicts they are disillusioned?

If you thing RSG has become a bad place to get golf information, let me tell
you, this is a perfect example of how it's a REALLY bad place to get


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On Feb 24, 8:15 pm, "Dene" <gdst...(a)> wrote:
> That's another lie. We had no plans to attend. We didn't attend the
> prior year. It simply wasn't as much fun as the earlier events, for
> reasons I've stated before.

Which is exactly why I received a Yes, No, Yes, No series of
committments from Greg in terms of his attendance for RSGNW 05 in the
span of about 3-4 weeks prior. In fact, I had to find a last minute
replacement to fill their spots that year. Either he was lying to me
or lying to RSG with the above post about his "no plans to attend".
You decide.