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On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 08:26:09 -0700, "glfnaz" <glfnaz(a)>

>Pflum did what?
>I don't think John ever attacked anybody here.

Some of us are dead to him though.
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"Howard Brazee" <howard(a)> wrote in message
> On 25 Feb 2007 05:05:37 -0800, bajacornman(a) wrote:
>>Being all test based is one of it's bigest cancers...
>>everything today is visual... and text based doesn't cut it anymore.
> Yep. It's also its biggest strengths. GUI is text base with more
> work, and can you imagine a camera based replacement?

Requiring web cams for post would probably cut down on the number of flame


From: John van der Pflum on
On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 16:15:51 GMT, Howard Brazee <howard(a)>

>On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 08:26:09 -0700, "glfnaz" <glfnaz(a)>
>>Pflum did what?
>>I don't think John ever attacked anybody here.
>Some of us are dead to him though.

Great! Now ghosts are participating in this thread!!!! Argh.

Start clearing your calendars
From: Dene on
On Feb 24, 11:22 pm, "newellsatwsu" <newellat...(a)> wrote:
> On Feb 24, 8:15 pm, "Dene" <gdst...(a)> wrote:
> > That's another lie. We had no plans to attend. We didn't attend the
> > prior year. It simply wasn't as much fun as the earlier events, for
> > reasons I've stated before.
> Which is exactly why I received a Yes, No, Yes, No series of
> committments from Greg in terms of his attendance for RSGNW 05 in the
> span of about 3-4 weeks prior. In fact, I had to find a last minute
> replacement to fill their spots that year. Either he was lying to me
> or lying to RSG with the above post about his "no plans to attend".
> You decide.

It's simple..... your event was not worth the sacrifice.


From: Robert Hamilton on

\"R&B\" wrote:

> What you're really referring to is a war that was engaged between two
> factions of RSG regulars. On one side was a small group that included you,
> Dene, Eric, George and maybe one or two others. On the other side was a
> group of about ten people who subscribe to a private e-mail list generally
> referred to as the c-list (facetiously named "c" for "clique," a term often
> used to describe us by that person we chose to ignore and who, thankfully,
> finally left RSG alone after he was exposed as the crossdressing freak that
> he was).

There is only one problem here. No one else formed any sort of idiot conspiracy
to gang up on the actions of other people. What I saw was a group of paranoid
schizophrenics that attacked people like me and Eric while we defended
ourselves. A good case in point is the so called RSG events. If Eric or I
announced such an event, the RSG nutcases were all over it with literally
hundreds of posts trashing them. No such thing from me or Eric for things like
RSG-NW or RSG-Wisc, for example. Again, I just call it as I see it though, and I
know that I couldn't forumlate the desire to care what people like Newell and
Dalecki do, let alone launch a prolonged "offensive" against their activites.
While I don't care, all I really have to offer to them is my best wishes and the
only action I will take is to stay as far away from such as they as possible.