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>> >>> I am in no way sorry that I don't buy your sanctimonious BS. Some
>> >>> nurse is just that. When one has a serious chronic, degenerative
>> >>> disorder like ALS, a nurse is not qualified to deal with problems
>> >>> that come up. You need a specialist MD, and if you don't know, and
>> >>> you sound like you don't, ALS patients can have a variety of very
>> >>> serious issues develop at any time. You need specialized, qualified
>> >>> people to deal with this, and such care is in fact available in the
>> >>> US to anyone...of course they have to pay for it...and if you have a
>> >>> problem with that then perhaps you should lead the way by providing
>> >>> your relatively worthless service free of charge!
>> >>
>> >> Good God Rob. How can you, with any degree of integrity, question a
>> >> man who has had ALS in his family? How can you question a man's
>> >> dedication to his father with such a disease? Do you not have a
>> >> scintilla of embarrassment in being such a know-it-all? Are you
>> >> aware that you come off as a callous prick?
>> >
>> > I stubbed my toe once and it bleed real bad. Big freaking deal. Does
>> > it matter whether it was ALS or Alzheimer's or any other seriously
>> > debilitating disease?
>> If someone in your family came down with ALS or Alzheimer's you would
>> see things very differently, I can assure you. I'm surprised at your
>> shallowness.
>I watched my grandmother's mental capacity deteriorate from Alzheimer's
>until she finally died. It took about 4 years. In that time it was
>difficult to see her ability to recognize her grandchildren float away
>and then it was really hard on her daughters when she didn't recognize
>them any more. The only person she recognized was her little sister, 4
>years younger than her.
>But, she had enough resources that she could stay in her home for as
>long as possible and when that wasn't possible anymore she moved into a
>facility that had an Alzheimer's wing. During this entire time she
>didn't rely upon the government to pay for any of her health care, the
>costs all came out of her pocket.
>Do you want to talk about my other grandparents and their illnesses? Do
>you want to talk about my parents and their illnesses? It is really
>amazing the hell that my family has been through medically speaking. It
>seems that we just don't slip away in the middle of the night from old

Common sense just flies right past your teeny little brain Bert.

We don't want to read anyone's slurs about how another's family is
cared for, and using that to push your political agenda.

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>> > > > >> It really is amazing how the fact that I have published in the
>> > > > >> area of
>> > > > >> materials science, and attended conferences in that field bugs
>> > > > >> you.
>> > > > >
>> > > > > No it doesn't - but trying to misrepresent yourself as having
>> > > > > done so
>> > > > > does.
>> > > >
>> > > > So why haven't you ever published anything, Willy?
>> > >
>> > > I think if you check the journals you will find well over 100
>> > > publications with my name on them. In legitimate peer-reviewed
>> > > journals,
>> > > not unreviewed one-pagers in some conference proceeding that I
>> > > wouldn't
>> > > sully the title of "publication" with..
>> >
>> > Where is your CV with your list of publications that you authored.
>> > Being
>> > so far down the list of "authors" as to be invisible doesn't count, as
>> > you recently stated.
>> Out there in public for anyone to look at.
> Where is the link?
Clark has something to hide, hence no link.

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On Mar 10, 5:11 pm, William Clark <cl...(a)nospam.matsceng.ohio-> wrote:

> I think if you check the journals you will find well over 100
> publications with my name on them. In legitimate peer-reviewed journals,
> not unreviewed one-pagers in some conference proceeding that I wouldn't
> sully the title of "publication" with..

The degree of chauvinism you display on this topic is breathtaking.
The reality is though that people of real accomplishment in science
are not like you at all, and I have met many. When I taught Molecular
Biology at Mississippi College, I would take my students to annual
presentations by major researchers, including several Nobel laureates
at the University of Southern Mississippi. In almost every case, we
got a private session with the speaker where our students would get
the chance to talk to them about science. It's not really that
surprising though, when you think about it, to be really successful
like that you have to be highly motivated, positive and enthusiastic
about what you do, ie the kind of person who would do just that thing;
the polar opposite of the Clark type.

The interesting thing about symposia is you have to be invited to
participate, and while one we did does not have a formal publication
associated with it, ACS symposia Clark says he knows about are
published, and we had two articles in it, with the one I was involved
with being a 10 page article, I wonder how Clark came to believe any
article in such symposia could be a single page, although maybe he had
one that was just a single page, who knows? . Of course the great
"Clark" is too pin headed to be associated with The American Chemical
Society, but it is a good outlet for my students, which is why I got
involved (I don't have to do any research at all, have never been paid
for it, FWIW, I do it purely for the betterment of humanity, which in
my case comes through development of my students). In any event, you
can buy the publication if you want:
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>>> Out there in public for anyone to look at.
>> Where is the link?
> Clark has something to hide, hence no link.

His MO is to accuse people of the things he is doing. This comes as no

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> >>> On Mar 9, 3:57 pm, "John B." <johnb...(a)> wrote:
> >>>> On Mar 8, 2:51 pm, Dinosaur_Sr <frostback2...(a)> wrote:
> >>>>> Really? If I get ALS, I would want full time *CARE* in a care
> >>>>> facility with expertise in the area. Someone to come and clean me
> >>>>> up twice a day at home is pretty grim to me. "Home care" is
> >>>>> substandard, cheapo care in cases like this, but it is where you
> >>>>> have to go when the people have to support a useless, politicized
> >>>>> govt bureaucracy and the cost of health care with the money they
> >>>>> earn and spend on health care. FWIW, no need to support the
> >>>>> insurance companies either, IMHO. If you can pay for a house or a
> >>>>> car, you can pay for health care, and people who are too good to
> >>>>> work can sleep in their own bed.
> >>>> I find it absolutely astounding that you would purport to lecture
> >>>> William or me about ALS.  He lost his father and I lost my mother
> >>>> to it. Everything you've said here is bullshit. There is no such
> >>>> thing as a full-time care facility with expertise in ALS. Home care
> >>>> is NOT "cheapo," or substandard. You know absolutely nothing about
> >>>> this disease, or about health care in general, and you'd be
> >>>> well-advised to shut up about it.
> >>> Rubbish. I've seen the home care scam up front and personal. They
> >>> push you out of the hospital ASAP, barely conscious in some
> >>> instances. Home care is an excuse for cut rate care, and the
> >>> emotional rubbish thrown out to support it indicates a cynical,
> >>> almost evil lack of compassion by the system.
> >> How about you just admit that you have no idea about ALS care and we
> >> all move on?
> > I see, you have no reply to my post, so you make some unrelated
> > comment.  Enjoy your home care! You deserve it! And if you have to
> > wait 8 hours for someone to come and empty your bedpan remember, it's
> > what you wanted!
> Two people in this thread have had one of their parents die of a
> horrible degenerative disease. What is wrong with you?

I missed something. Someone raises an issue and I respond. Something
wrong with that? The issue is quality of care, and clearly the
American got better care than the Brit.