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nobrac(a) says...
> >>> If you want Universal Health Care there are many countries around
> >>> the world that offer it and there is no one stopping you from
> >>> emigrating to any of them except you.
> >>
> >> I win yet again.
> >
> > Good, take your ball and go home.
> >
> > We who are 100% invested in the USA do not want what you who are just
> > a guest here want.
> Aw, you're just saying that because your poor brain won't cough up
> anything better.

For all of your wants and desires you are still a guest in the USA. You
have no skin in the game. If you want to become a citizen I will welcome
you with open arms. But, standing on the corner yelling and screaming at
the building and telling them they are doing everything wrong doesn't
give you a leg of credibility to stand upon. We didn't ask for your
opinion and we don't care about your opinion.

If you will notice most of us who oppose socialized medicine and
universal health care don't care that Canada, the UK, France or anywhere
else has it, we just don't want it here in the USA. We are not trying to
tell other countries that they have to operate the way the USA does.

There is nothing preventing you from moving to any country that has a
system of health care that suites your wants and desires.

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>>>> Oh yeah ... and I suppose "manifest destiny" was an excuse for
>>>> imperialism. I'm sure the Mexicans weren't bothered at all by the
>>>> theft of Texas, and how much other land?
>>> War or the threat of war has determined the political and national
>>> boundaries of kingdoms and countries.
>>> One of the penalties of losing armed conflict is that your military
>>> will may be destroyed and you may lose some or all of your
>>> territory.
>> Ok, here's a possible future scenario. The US dollar continues to
>> decline until it becomes nearly worthless in international trade. Cut
>> off from world markets, the economy collapses. Unemployment
>> skyrockets. There is widespread civil unrest. Foreign interests come
>> in with their stronger currencies and buy up everything worth having.
>> At that point the country will have been effectively taken over by
>> foreign interests.
>> Say this actually happens. Will you still be sharing your smug little
>> stories about the survival of the fittest? What if you're the one on
>> the losing end?
> If you had been paying attention I have been stating, for several
> years, that this is a possibility in the future. It is the next
> evolution fron nation states to business states. Nations do not
> survive based upon the personality of their current leader, they
> survive based upon their wealth and from wealth comes power.
> The fittest do survive. The weak and timid tiger never mates, his
> blood line dies out.
> I've been on the losing end of mergers and acquisitions? I been on the
> losing end of physical altercations. You either cower in fear or you
> stand up and fight again. I believe that you will be one of the people
> who will cower in fear and when the come to physically take you away
> you will be screaming that it isn't fair.

Uh huh. Who would you fight?
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>Please find a country on the planet that has higher cancer survival

They can't because there are none.

For men, Sweden ranks second, but is still 6% below the US. If you
think of how many people get cancer every year, this represents
thousands of Swedes who die that would have survived in the US. Just
look at the UK. It should be a national scandal. For men in
Scotland, the survival rate for cancer is 26.1% below the US. That
means that for every 100 men who get cancer 26 more of them die in
Scotland. That's over one in four. The NHS is a disgrace. What
amazes me is that the people of the UK don't demand an end to the NHS
and adopt a private system like the US. Anyone who thinks that there
is better health care than the USA is living in a ideological fantasy
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On Thu, 18 Feb 2010 17:52:34 -0800 (PST), "John B."
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>And while you're at it, find an industrialized country whose health
>care costs are as large a proportion of GDP as ours, or consume as
>much of the federal budget as ours.

If you want the best, you have to pay for it. Would you rather pay
less and die or pay more and live?
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On Fri, 19 Feb 2010 07:47:45 -0500, BAR <screw(a)> wrote:

>> > Please find a country on the planet that has higher cancer survival
>> > rates.
>> Try Scandinavia, for a start. And for a fraction of the cost.

No country in Scandinavia has a higher cancer survival rate than the