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This was the best I did all week. So i'm going to call it the "Hole
of the week."

I was golfing my favorite course today, and I didn't do so well on the
front nine, but I really started to get hot on the back nine. On hole
16, a 340 par four, with a crik 230 yrds out, I hit a great drive
right down the middle. I was 20 yards from the crik and well inside
the 150 stake. There was a foursome of old farts on the green and
they waved me through. I selected my 4H which is perfect for 120 yard
shots and hit the ball. It landed just in front of the green and
bounced on, and rolled to the center of the green.

I drove up and they were saying, "Great shot." "Great shot." I said
that I was new to the game and it was a pretty good shot but I was
trying for the hole.

Now I'm 15 feet from the hole, and I selected my putter, and as I
approached the ball I said, "This is for birdie and ten thousand
dollars." I heard someone say, "No pressure here."

My ball went straight toward the cup and curved and finished eight
inches from the hole. now I said, "I told you I wasn't very good. I
completely missed the cup." Then i went up to the ball and said, "For
par and five thousand dollars." A hush fell upon the crowd as I
tapped it in for a par. I said, "Cha-ching, another par."

It gets better. I went to the tee for 17, a 385 par four. I had to
wait for some people in front of me, and the old farts finished 16 and
were waiting for me to tee off. I hit it out of sight and slightly to
the right. I said, "Oh darn, I think I hit it too far. I think I'm
in the sand trap just to the right of the green." (The sand trap was
380 yards away.) One guy says, "I hate it when that happens."

It just goes to show you that golfing takes all of my driving,
chipping, putting, and my charm and wit, and humor. When you are at
the top of your game, you got it all.

Vote for Palin-Brown in 2012. Repeal the nightmare.


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ultimate power in the universe."
From: Fred K. Gringioni on

<Horvath(a)> wrote in message

> I said
> that I was new to the game

Is that why you think you can take a mulligan and call it "making par"?