From: frank ross on
newellsatwsu wrote:
> On Feb 24, 8:15 pm, "Dene" <gdst...(a)> wrote:
>> That's another lie. We had no plans to attend. We didn't attend the
>> prior year. It simply wasn't as much fun as the earlier events, for
>> reasons I've stated before.
> Which is exactly why I received a Yes, No, Yes, No series of
> committments from Greg in terms of his attendance for RSGNW 05 in the
> span of about 3-4 weeks prior. In fact, I had to find a last minute
> replacement to fill their spots that year. Either he was lying to me
> or lying to RSG with the above post about his "no plans to attend".
> You decide.

No, no. Say it isn't so. You can't mean that Deeny the weeny is lying?
That puts a whole new perspective on his post about the c-list. He had
me believing that it was a band of nefarious provocateurs whose only aim
in life was to take control of RSG, in order to put all of its users
into indentured servitude. Right Professor? (Who has no use for all
those who do not post under their real names) ;-)

Get real.

Frank Ross
From: Don A Roof on
Re. the subject line:

JMO but I've been around long enough now that I've heard "what's wrong
with (fill in the blank)...?" more times than I could count.

There's nothing wrong with RSG as long as you have the active posters
that you do - I suppose I should say "regular" posters because I don't
want to include outright spammers and trolls.

You have a community here like most long time groups on the net. Many
of you know each other and have met and played golf together in some
instances so you are also like a club of sorts.

Do any of you know of ANY club where the bullshit at the bar is ALWAYS
about golf? Of course not.

I'm primarily a lurker - like the guy at the bar who sits and listens
and enjoys the conversation with his drinks. I enjoy the give and take
here. Of course there are egos involved and of course the subjects vary
off the beaten track of golf.

There is enough golf talk that anyone searching for it can find it here.
Some very good and interesting observations as far as I'm concerned.
100% golf all the time - nope - and so what?

How crazy is it to complain about OT posts, boring posts, political
posts, uninteresting posts etc etc ----when ALL you have to do is keep
scrolling down the page skipping past that which disinterests you or
posts from people who irritate you?

Again- not much different than your club room where you can choose to
sit down - listen, participate, talk with whomever or ignore whomever,
and leave whenever you choose......

Nothing wrong with RSG - IMO....

From: bajacornman on

> RSG is not a living thing.

It actually is. It was born some 15+ years ago. It grew and grew until
most everything has been covered many times over. It's now in it's
twilight years and now has good days and bad. It has a lot more bad
days in the winter and a lot more good days in the summer. But it is
now dying. It will probably be a long slow death, but it's days are
likely numbered. Being all test based is one of it's bigest cancers...
everything today is visual... and text based doesn't cut it anymore.

From: John van der Pflum on
On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 04:32:34 GMT, Robert Hamilton <DBID(a)>

>Whatever. What I have or haven't gotten over is irrelevant. It's RSG that has never
>recovered. I really don't care all that much. I just call it like I see it. I'm under
>no obligation to call it the way you see it.

Just remember that street goes two ways.

Start clearing your calendars
From: John van der Pflum on
On 24 Feb 2007 19:25:14 -0800, "Dene" <gdstrue(a)> wrote:

>I'm comparing them to tourneys that were prominent when I started RSG,
>in particular RSG-Atl. It seemed that there were more tourneys then,
>attended by many from RSG, with lots of talk in RSG. Nowdays, I don't
>see that. I don't recall any discussion of the So-Cal event. Perhaps
>it was more of a C-list event.

I'll agree that the RSG-ATL were the most hyped, publicized, and talk
about events that I can remember. I thought they were a lot of fun
and Randy used his skills in radio and promotion to do a great job
with the events. Putting words into Randy's mouth, I believe that his
new work is keeping him crazy busy and he hasn't had the time/interest
to host another one.

>> I agree on that one.
>Did we just have an civil exchange of ideas? ;>

No way, that's impossible.

Start clearing your calendars