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John van der Pflum wrote:

> On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 03:08:17 GMT, Robert Hamilton <DBID(a)>
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> >John van der Pflum wrote:
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> >> On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 01:36:23 GMT, Robert Hamilton <DBID(a)>
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> >> >You also managed to run Eric
> >> >off, who was always willing to set up and event, and do a good job of it as
> >> >well...because of what?
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> >> I certainly don't feel that I had much to do with Eric leaving. I can
> >> only think of perhaps a handful of posts where I responded to him.
> >> But, to be honest, he reaped what he sowed here. He didn't do much to
> >> endear himself to people especially with the way he treated Annika --
> >> who he called a friend.
> >>
> >> Are you saying you don't understand why people reacted harshly to
> >> Eric?
> >>
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> >Yes. A socially mature adult knows better. Eric has a bit of usenet flamer in
> >him. So what? You saying Brett doesn't? What's the point to "reacting"? Like
> >mother's around the world have said for generations, if someone, say Mike
> >Dalecki, were to jump off a cliff, would you follow?
> >
> Yeah, Annika talks the trash but I have a really hard time believing
> he has it in him to spew the personal insults and vulgarity that Eric
> did. There's a clear difference between Annika and Eric. Plus, we
> all know Annika's a little teddy bear underneath.

Really. Might want to check out what the photo newsgroup thinks of Brett.

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"Robert Hamilton" <DBID(a)> wrote in message
> A good case in point is the so called RSG events. If Eric or I
> announced such an event, the RSG nutcases were all over it with literally
> hundreds of posts trashing them. No such thing from me or Eric for things
> like
> RSG-NW or RSG-Wisc, for example. Again, I just call it as I see it though,

No shuch thing ever happened.
Nobody trashed the events you and Eric organized, until you and Eric came
back and started trashing each other. Then, it was comedy central.

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On Feb 24, 11:41 pm, "\"R&B\"" <noneofyourbusin...(a)> wrote:
> I might this year. We'll see. And
> if I do, you can bet it will be a hum-dinger........that is, if I haven't
> completely alienated everyone so much by then that they wouldn't consider
> attending (which I'll be the first to admit is a distinct possibility).
> LOL!

I hope you do it, Randy, without any regard to those who would shun
you or your event. It's always a good thing to know whom you can
trust, whom you can't.


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On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 11:41:36 -0500, "\"R&B\""
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>> Yep. It's also its biggest strengths. GUI is text base with more
>> work, and can you imagine a camera based replacement?
>Requiring web cams for post would probably cut down on the number of flame

We need some more events that don't require using up vacation time and
money to go to. Let us play more golf together. (I fantasize about
a RSG event on the Western Slope of Colorado).
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\"R&B\" wrote:


RSG-Atlanta I was very well done, and I certainly enjoyed it a lot. It was and
is different from the others that have come out of it in that it drew over 20
legitimate contemporary RSG posters to it. It was more like RSG Ohio. Most of
these other events are more for cronies of one person or another, and it shows
pretty clearly, especially with RSG NW. Nothing wrong with that BTW, just the
way it is.

RSG Atlanta I inspired a number of other people to hold events, including me,
and IMHO this was a very good thing. However a lot of cronyism emereged from RSG
Atl I, mostly in relation to a conspiracy against Hibbard, which I still believe
to be an absurdidly nutty thing to do. I can only speak for myself, but in the
case of golf the only cronies I have any interest in are those who like to golf.
What you think of Hibbard, or Lllarry isn't anything I am interested in when I
go out to golf with anyone. The newsgroup isn't the thing to me; golf is the
thing...or it's all about the newsgroup but then it was about the
golf, and I personally liked that.

Again, I can only speak for myself, but I have been attacked here for doing
things like having people make a charitable contribution from outings and
tipping a pro 20 bucks for making a tee time. In any event, RSG Atl I was a
great outing, but it spawned the organized consipracy against Hibbard, and it
was all downhill here from then on as they, like all such groups, didn't stop at
Hibbard, and all one has to do is look at the posts today and those of Feb 25,
2000 (look it up if you want using the search feature!) to see the before and
after of it.

It seems to me that there is a core of people who attend a lot of these RSG
outings who are/have been part of this out to get people mentality, and I won't
have any part of that myself. Life is too short. I'll comment on it though! One
thing that is good at this point is the out to get someone activity has dropped
off a lot, and the newgroup is becoming much more civil, even though it has more
religion and politics than golf in it. RSG couldn't be civil about golf in 2005
but in 2007 it can be civil about politics!