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>> > > You on the other hand are trying your best to attract attention to
>> > it. As
>> >> stated previously, nobody connected the initial comment to your wife.
>> >> I
>> >> say
>> >> post a link so we can view the wife and decide for ourselves if she
>> >> indeed
>> >> is a trophy.
>> meh-
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Hey Dene,
Not sure what the masses are going to make of the pictures. They remind
me of how beautiful she is, but they don't come close to letting them know
what the spirit that she has is. I really liked her quick wit (which I
think she needs to keep up with you!) and how down to earth she is. In my
opinion, that is the definition of a trophy and you do have one there. FTR,
I consider my wife a trophy also as she's been the best thing in my life for
almost a quarter of a century.

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>> On Thu, 6 Dec 2007 19:54:56 -0600, "Gordo" <golf...(a)> wrote:
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>> >> There's a real nice Pinot Noir called "Solitude". My wife and I use
>> >> it as our "celebration wine" but the vineyard went out of business and
>> >> now it's hard to get.
>> >> Too bad -- it was good stuff.
>> >> --
>> >> jvdp
>> >>
>> >My wife and I are starting to get into wine a bit. What's the taste of
>> >a
>> >Pinot Noir? We've been going to tastings lately, but just haven't tried
>> >that one.
>> Wow -- I am TOTALLY the wrong person to ask about this. All I could
>> tell you is that it tastes "good". Dugjustdug would be a better
>> person to ask.
>> --
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> PING! Gordo:
> Depending on where it's grown, the Pinot Noir can have differing
> flavors (that's "flavours" for all you Pesky Canadians). Up here in
> the NW, we get most of ours from Oregon and they do an excellent job.
> Willamette Valley and Eola Hills Wineries are particularly known for
> them.
> I find it medium bodied, slightly dry and a nice amount of fruit to
> it. Nowhere near as strong as a Cab or Merlot. If you get one from
> California, it will be a bit bolder - prolly due to the climate and
> age of the vines.
> What varieties have you tried so far, and, what do you like?
> dug --> a stout, full-bodied half-Italian who hit the birthing table
> with a glass of Chianti in his hand.

My wife likes Muscato D'Asti a lot. There's one label that she wants to buy
each time we've found it. We went to a tasting at a local shop and ended up
buying a couple bottles of an Argentinian Chardonnay that we liked. Not
terribly dry and a slight 'oak' taste to it. We've also picked up a bottle
of Torrantes that has a pleasant taste, though I don't know how to
categorize it. My wife had read of the Nouveau Beaujolais so we picked up
on of those also, though reading reviews I have no thoughts that we'll
completely enjoy the taste of that.

So, there is the limit of my experience. It's kind of fun, but I'll never
see us with an extensive 'cellar' Thanks for your input, I may pick your
brain a bit more.

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