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Seems to me Obama promised no more business as usual in DC, and what
we got is business as usual on steroids.


Bingo Rob!

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> A complete rejection of Obama's policies.

There is no doubt.

> Obama is a one termer.

Not so fast there. 2012 is a long time away. I think that if this
healthcare boondoggle is buried and cap and trade is dead (looks like it is)
then you will see the economy rebound big time. There has been a serious
amount of capital investment push back over the last 18 months and I think
we are just starting to emerge. Get these two economy killing bills out of
the way and the economy will roar back spurred by capital investment. There
is a reason our economic system is called capitalism.

At which point, team Obama will claim full credit for the economy. Just in
time to start campaigning for re-election. Economic issues are the biggest
issues that determine elections.

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On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 09:56:41 -0500, "Frank Ketchum"
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>The lose of Ted's seat to a Republican in the middle of healthcare reform is
>nothing short of remarkable. Watch and see what the markets do today.

They've been falling all morning. The Dow is down almost 200 right

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On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 07:56:17 -0600, "Moderate" <no_spam_(a)>

>Clinton took over as the economy was rising. Obama inherited a bad economy
>under his leadership it has gotten much worse. Clinton initially cut
>spending Obama has increased spending.

I doubt that the economy will recover in time for the elections in
November, but by 2012, things could improve. Right now, things don't
look good for Obama, but you never know.
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>On Jan 20, 8:35=A0am, Jack Hollis <xslee...(a)> wrote:
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>> wrote:
>> > Been watching MessNBC, including your
>> >Rachel.
>> I don't think I ever enjoyed watching MSNBC as much as I did last
>> night.
>Some of the best comedy I have ever seen!

Poor Rachel looked like her dog just died.